3 things that will make you like the new speaker studio

Horned The web-based console is part of our history.
It started in 2009, made its debut with the launch of Spreaker, and has since been used by thousands of users, recording podcasts and live broadcasts every day.

Now is the time to take another step forward.
Over time, some suggestions made by Spreaker users helped us improve our service and development Horn Studio, A new desktop application for Windows and Mac. It integrates new features and promotes your daily podcasts, providing an excellent user experience.

We believe you will enjoy using it. In fact, here are three good reasons to switch to Spreaker Studio immediately:

1. Draft a new way of podcasting.
Spreaker Studio has the function of saving drafts. Now you can record a podcast offline and save it, and it will always be available in the draft section of the menu on the left side of the app. You can decide to publish it at any time.
there are more! In the draft section, you can also upload audio files to give you the opportunity to save podcasts recorded in Spreaker Studio in the past.
In this way, you can manage all drafts and audio files in one place from a neat section.

2. Integration with Skype brings podcasts closer… and makes them happier!
Interviews and conversations with people far away have always been difficult. Some people go back to basics and bring mobile devices to the microphone, others may prefer professionals and use video calling apps and technician solutions.
Therefore, we decided to integrate Skype directly with the console to make life easier. If you click the “Connect to Skype” tab on the left menu, the app will guide you step by step to set up and connect the two apps.
This gives you the opportunity to invite guests on your show without any hassle, and gives you the freedom to do your favorite podcasts.

3. Stop opening the window and start dragging.
The new Spreaker Studio app is designed to make podcasting comfortable and smart. From now on, you don’t need to open a window and start searching the catalog, and you don’t need to waste time organizing your media library. You just need to drag and drop podcasts, songs and audio effects directly into the app. No additional steps are required.
This will make it easier to manage files when recording podcasts and prevent you from encountering technical issues during the broadcast.

These are just some of the features that make Spreaker Studio the definitive application for your podcasting.
Finding other people is up to you!

Download speaker studio Let us know what you think now!

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