4 reasons to use mobile podcasting

Mobility is the best part of podcasting. Whether you are attending a conference or enjoying a concert, you have the opportunity to capture outstanding audio for your audience.

Anny Solway, writer Business 2 Community, Said: “One of the great advantages of podcasting is its flexibility in terms of time and format.”

Mobile podcasting is a fun way Attract your audience Become a new voice. This is a great investment to show your audience, not just tell them how you think outside the box and provide them with great content.

The future of podcasting includes mobile devices.yield speaker The community helps you. Here are five reasons recorded during the journey:

  1. Participate in impromptu interviews

Interviews with special guests provide an opportunity for your podcast to share a unique experience with your audience. “[They also] It will give you an additional benefit, allowing you to build deeper connections with influential people and leaders you want to know better,” said co-founder Matthew Toren Young entrepreneur.

When recording with a mobile device, you can seize spontaneous interview opportunities.People who were previously unreachable by phone or Skype can now appear in your next episode without the need Schedule an appointment.

For example, when attending a conference, you can make impromptu recordings with industry leaders, keynote speakers, and celebrities. In addition, you can easily fill in your content calendar with a short interview.

  1. attract the audience

Mobile devices are a useful tool for collecting feedback from listeners. If you have a studio audience, mingle with the crowd and record their thoughts during and after the show.

research shows Podcast listeners are more likely to be social media users. Therefore, encourage them to use a tablet to tweet, like, and comment on your content. Integrate their stories into specific program themes to add more voice to the dialogue.

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In addition, you can pick up your mobile device to find creative ideas.Rafael Ruiz from Crusader radio Say they have an Android tablet and use Feedly Find great content From multiple RSS feeds and then mark them as pocket.

  1. No troublesome records

No need to invite people to your studio or set up bulky equipment. Using mobile devices and recording applications, your broadcast studio can be in your pocket.

This Horn Studio The app turns your device into a fully equipped audio studio. You can live stream or pre-record podcasts while adding tracks and sound effects.

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In your palm, you can easily share your content on social media. If you are ready to interact with the audience, the live chat box can start an active relationship.

Stop carrying your laptop with you.Get all the audio you want Horn Studio App and your smartphone.

  1. Magnify your personality

People like to know the people behind podcasts. However, it can be boring to hear the same tones and sound effects over and over again. So, be creative, show off your personality, and explore different techniques.

WNYC Radio laboratory The host asked the audience to destroy the things they cherish and Send audio For the upcoming show. The recording is played in the air. According to Ellen Horne, the show’s executive producer, audience participation in this episode has reached an all-time high.

Try various podcast styles to add your own personality. Let your audience build a closer relationship with you.

To move

Podcasts won’t go anywhere, But the way we collect and record content will continue to change. To stay ahead, get out of your comfort zone and try mobile podcasts.

Record new adventures anytime, anywhere. Capture once-in-a-lifetime moments without a suitcase full of equipment.

Are you ready to use a mobile device? speaker Can help. Tell us about your mobile podcasting experience in the comments below.

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