4 ways to increase the engagement of podcast viewers

you are not just podcast. You are a content creator. To expand your audience, focus on providing value and getting your subscribers to participate in the podcast.

Based on a Learn Through Clammr, interest in podcasts has increased. From 2014 to 2015, the number of Google searches for “podcasts” increased by 32%, and downloads increased by 37%.

However, Clammr stated that this “potential growth is more driven by the increase in the listening of existing users rather than the growth of the potential user base.”

source: Nieman Lab

Audience growth and monetization are two issues that plague podcasts today. To deal with stagnant growth, focus on how to attract your current podcast members. They are the key to spreading great podcast content about you.

Get a quick start by trying new strategies. Here are four ways to increase interaction with podcast viewers:

  1. Invite listeners to live stream

Encourage your audience to express their thoughts. Invite your audience to discuss related topics in the live broadcast. If your audience is too shy or short of time, please ask them to email comments so you can read them on the radio.

Harvard University Researcher “A series of experiments were conducted to assess how much people like to talk about themselves and why.” The researchers found that “humans get a biochemical buzz from self-disclosure.” This is why we like to talk about ourselves and share our experiences with the world.

Make full use of human body chemistry. The radio industry flourished due to the concept of incoming calls.This is an example from cute people National Public Radio:


source: NPR

Start with a clear call to action. At the end of each episode, tell the audience what to do next: send comments via email, post comments on the show page, or fill out audience surveys. Translation: You need to know what you want them to do. Then, tell your audience how to continue.

If you are ready to accept the challenge, please host a complete show for your audience. This episode can be centered around responding to audience suggestions and criticisms. You can also highlight relevant promotional content produced by your audience.

The audience growth starts at home. Give your subscribers the opportunity to comment. Assemble troops!

Things to do

  • Create a program segment for your subscribers-“the audience’s spotlight”.
  • Clearly state how the audience participates.
  • Diversify the types of callers. Aim for a few different perspectives.
  1. Interview with thought leaders

If the audience can obtain valuable knowledge from respected people, they are more likely to participate.Book President Barack Obama, just like a podcast Mark Malone, May be beyond your scope.Nevertheless, arrange guest interviews Industry leader In your network.

Find out correct Guests of a specific program theme. Like “Researcher, detective and salesman. “Understand the topic, find experts, and then convince them to participate.

Have a strategic vision when looking for potential industry leaders.Taylor Basu, host Chat with champion, Suggest these Seven ways to book high-profile guests:

  1. Your existing network
  2. Meetings and social events
  3. Cold email
  4. Direct messages on social media
  5. Planners and Facebook groups
  6. Other podcasts
  7. Recommendations from guests

Don’t forget the crazy promotion after booking your guests. It always helps to create a visual announcement to your guests.Get it from the prompt 3 questions for diet coach Tad and Jessica Perales podcast:

Image3_Three Questions

source: @Tadthedietcoach

To get your audience involved, please use a simple survey form to ask them questions. Subscribers will be happy to have thought leaders answer their questions. In addition, it will make your job during the interview easier.

Things to do

  1. Create shareable content

Google Research It was found that 90% of people move between multiple devices (tablets, computers, smartphones) to complete a task. To successfully attract an audience, you must attract their attention with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand materials. Therefore, provide your audience with tools to share your content widely.

Provide listeners with carefully composed program notes or two-minute “best moment” program clips.Encourage your audience members to provide pre-made Social media news. This is an example Social advantage, A popular marketing podcast:


source: Social advantage

Podcast master Moderator Nick Palkowski suggested creating a one-page guide. Provides a unique guide, which includes resource links, topic outlines, and a list of examples. In addition, this content can be associated with an opt-in form to increase your email list.

Visual elements are critical to determining the credibility of a podcast. Remember to include high-quality custom infographics in the curated video content to increase engagement.Fight for one Eye-catching experience.

Things to do

  1. Leverage professional partnerships

you’re not alone. Collaborate with professionals, businesses, and other podcasts to leverage the power of partnerships.

Brainstorm with the company to host exciting competitions. A monthly challenge is launched to stimulate actions in the audience’s daily lives.

Manush Zomerodi, the newly renamed host of WNYC Pay attention to yourself (Formerly known as New Technology City), launched “Boring and brilliant,” mobilized more than 20,000 active participants. The project announced a “week-long challenge to help listeners get rid of their mobile phones and spend more time thinking creatively.” “

Podcast listeners like Participate in their favorite show“The audience felt this connection and invested their time, energy, and even money,” Zomorodi said.

recent, speaker Organize a lucky draw to provide two lucky winners with free tickets for this year Podcast campaign meeting.


source: speaker

External resources will provide your audience with new ways of thinking and participation. In addition, you will not feel exhausted due to content creation fatigue.

Things to do

  • Contact podcast companions to learn about future collaborations.
  • Organize giveaway activities with the help of small businesses.
  • Ask your audience to contribute ideas.

It’s time to get involved

When increasing audience engagement, building trust is important. Listeners want to share their thoughts easily in a safe space.

If you want your audience to grow, attract current audiences with original solutions, engaging dialogues, and wonderful gifts. Create a podcast community around creativity and mutual respect.

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