6 tips for getting more podcast comments

Feedback is important to all creators.It not only inspires us to continue to create, but also Help us do betterTherefore, you should always expect more podcast comments. However, if podcasting is more than a hobby for you, then you will get more benefits from comments than just being praised for doing a great job.The comment is A great way to promote your podcast and attract more listenersTherefore, when you are trying to share their views on your work, it is particularly important to encourage people to share their opinions. Monetize your craft. But what can you do to motivate the audience to leave comments?

Why is it important to get more podcast comments?

Podcasts are all the rage today. According to some estimates, About half of Americans listen to them often, and this number is rising. Hundreds of different podcasts on dozens of different platforms cover a variety of topics, from news and politics to celebrity gossip, to real crime to science fiction. If you can think of a topic, you can find a podcast about it. When you start recording your own podcast, No matter which niche market you choose to talk about, you will face fierce competition.

So how will you stand out? The answer lies in praise.

first, Many platforms use the number of comments and ratings to determine which podcast to promoteThe more comments you receive, the better the results, and the more likely these platforms will recommend your podcast to new listeners, put it on the top list, or put it on their homepage.

Comments are equally persuasive to people and robots- They prove that people have listened to your podcast and liked itWhen previous listeners recommend it by giving praise, people are more likely to start a new podcast.Finally, it’s worth mentioning Comments let podcasters know they are doing a great job. This motivates us to move on and produce more episodes.

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The best tips for getting more podcast comments

Comments are only helpful when they are true. Therefore, the goal is to motivate actual listeners to provide feedback; You shouldn’t generate fake reviews by yourself just to improve your numbers. So what can you do to encourage your audience to review your podcast?

#1 – Produce quality content

Should be obvious People are unlikely to spend time reviewing mediocre podcastsNormally, they will only comment when they are very satisfied or dissatisfied with the podcast.Of course, this is in your best interest Stand out for the right reasonsSo you will want to do your best to create a podcast that people will actually like and evaluate.

Start with the technical side-if you get it wrong, this will be the most obvious and direct cause of dissatisfaction.Even if you are Recording at home, You need to sound professional. Invest in a good microphone and create a recording area where you can minimize background noise and edit your podcasts to increase their production value. Then you can focus on the content. Choose the specific niche you want to talk about; Talking about everything under the sun will not attract many enthusiastic listeners. Ideally, you need a subject on which you are an expert. Finally, make it interesting. Combining sound effects, guests and themes, even after hundreds of episodes, your content can be novel and interesting.

#2 – Use a platform that allows comments

Most podcasts cover their base by Publish their podcasts on multiple platforms —— Their own podcast site, Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher, etc. This allows people who use different operating systems and like different platforms to access podcasts.

But not all platforms are the same. Some do not allow comments at all, while others require people to create a paid account before commenting on podcasts. If you want to increase your chances of receiving comments, Upload your podcast to a platform where listeners can easily share opinions.

It’s not necessarily the only website you post to (for example, Spotify is very popular, and you want to use it even if it doesn’t allow comments), but it should be one of them, because if your audience has nowhere to leave, You cannot get comments.

#3 – Be proactive and solicit feedback from the audience

The best thing you can do is to encourage comments on your podcast Just let your audience rate and comment on any platform they use.

Come up with a good call to action, and the audience will respond. Then, Include it at the end of every episode you recordOften, people just forget to rate podcasts because they are listening while doing other things or are not online at a certain moment. But if you remind them often, they will remember it eventually. Even ordinary listeners who only listen to one episode will receive the message.

#4 – Express your gratitude for the comments received

If you are grateful for the comments received, please say so. Just like comments make you feel appreciated, Responding to comments will make your audience feel appreciated. If you are using a platform that allows comments, you can directly reply to comments. Otherwise, You can mention popular comments in the podcast itself and respond to them this way. Comments are a great way to start a conversation with the audience, Build a community They feel heard and cared about.

This will make them more loyal to your podcast and you as the creator. Finally, use comments in your marketing-put your ratings on promotional materials and display popular comments on the homepage of your website. Not only is it good publicity, but it also makes the reviewers feel recognized.

#5 – Consider your audience when recording future episodes

Although you like to record podcasts, if you don’t have an audience, you won’t be far.So it is necessary Create content they will like, not just content you like. Comments help you understand what your audience is looking for. Check out reviews of your latest episodes-what do your audience like? What are they dissatisfied with? Did they make any suggestions about what you can do better?Do you have Podcast guest They want you to host?

Of course, you can never satisfy everyone, and you can’t let others dominate your creation. But if you notice that you often receive specific advice, You should consider implementing them into podcasts. It will make you better at your work, and it will make your audience more satisfied with your work.

#6 – Promote your podcast

When you are trying to attract more listeners, publicity is crucial. Relying on the podcasting platform you are using is not enough.

you need to Expand your marketing efforts.

Setting up a website for your podcast or production company is a good first step. But social media is where you really want to shine. Considering the popularity of different social media platforms today, Social media marketing activities are almost necessaryThis is especially true when your target demographic matches the demographic on social media, which is usually the case when you are in the podcasting business.

but Social media marketing is constantly changing. Not only are popular platforms constantly changing (for example, look at the sudden rise in importance of TikTok), but The best way to use these platforms is also. Which hashtags should you use? What will become popular? Which is better, serious or funny? The success of your social media marketing campaign will depend on your ability to track these trends. So as your podcast grows, You may want to consider hiring a team of marketing professionals to promote it. This will attract more listeners and therefore more comments.

What should you do when you get more podcast comments?

Getting more podcast comments is just the first step- You also need to know how to make the most of themTherefore, when comments start to appear, you should:

  • If you can, please reply to all comments – This shows that you care about your audience
  • Read comments during the podcast – This makes your audience part of your podcast
  • Change your content based on the feedback you receive – Improve your podcast based on what the audience says
  • Include comments in your marketing strategy – They create social recognition and attract more listeners

It is important not to stop encouraging comments, even if your podcast has grown significantly. Comments are always important, No matter how successful you become. Therefore, make all these exercises a habit, because as long as you are making a podcast, you need them.

Stacey Johnson is a professional digital marketing expert and a passionate podcaster. She started her first podcast while in college, talking with classmates about current affairs and politics. This experience is very fulfilling. She now plans to quit her daily job and devote herself full-time to the art of recording and broadcasting.

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