A former Budden friend signs a contract with Stitcher

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  • silent Now integrated locally with Podbean. The service uses sound level and noise reduction technology.

  • Podcasting app Castbox will appear in the car: The company signed a cooperation agreement with Faurecia Aptoide Automotive, which provides applications for various automakers.

  • Writing at Bello Collective, Galen Beebe It is recommended to listen to podcasts at 0.8 times the speed Make time for yourself.

  • for Cairo Review, Kim Fox and Josephine Karianjahi wrote Africa Podcast: Challenges and Opportunities. TechNova Covered Status Podcasts in Ghana.

  • this The Paris Podcast Festival has begun. It will run this weekend.

  • this 2021 Discovery Pod Award The finalists have been announced, and voting ends today at 6 pm Eastern Time. Categories include Best Premiere Podcast of 2021, Real Crime, News, History, Children and Family, etc.; This is a direct link.

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    Podland Today we have a long interview with “Brian of London” about Podping, Beehive and Cows, Genevieve Hassan on how she brought her podcast to the Virgin Atlantic Airways flight, and more about this week’s podcast news Comment. (Use the chapters in the podcast app to navigate.)

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