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Sell ​​your podcast merchandise and collect profits.
Your merchandise store. Your money.

Use Podomatic and WhatFor? For clothing, you can create your own merchandise store for free, and the upfront cost is zero.

Put your podcast logo or slogan
T-shirts, mugs, handbags and more!

Upload your own design or work one-on-one with professional designers at WhatFor? Apparel to create the perfect design for your podcast.

Let your fans buy all your products, and WhatFor? Apparel can meet all your printing, inventory and shipping needs.
Just create a product and keep 100% profit.

The unique partnership between Podomatic and WhatFor Apparels ensures that our podcasting earns the highest possible profit by charging 0% of your sales and transferring all Podomatic commissions back to you, podcasting.

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