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Hello podcast, and welcome back to the Podomatic feature series!

This week is a very special week for two reasons. One, this is our first podcast and two, this is our first feature in a podcast created and hosted by a 10-year-old child!
Introducing At Your Level Podcast, a podcast for kids, by kids!This is one of our best podcasts #Podcast COVID Efforts (click the link to learn more) and the host Ali let us know the situation in the first episode. A well-thought-out and produced show, Ari will not only invite his peers to discuss his topic, but also an ASMR “Guess that Voice” round for you to try to win and so on! I can’t reveal any more spoilers, you just have to listen to it yourself.

View At your level Right on Podomatic, here is our interview with Ari!

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Ari, when, how and why did you start podcasting?

About 3 months ago, I started to have the idea of ​​podcasting. I sent an ASMR to my friends and they gave me some interesting replies. I played it for my mother and she liked it, so we started to create and plan the outline.

How did you choose the theme/theme?

The first episode was originally about dogs. I invited Bode & Lily because they have 2 dogs. And Chloe and Wesley, because Daisy (the first dog they raised) had a new dog Bubba that month. I want to ask how it feels to lose a dog. But then the school closed and Bubbah tried to bite Wesley several times and was very aggressive towards Wes. The parents there asked my mother if I could talk about different topics.

I also plan to let my guests come to my house. My mother bought me equipment and I plan to let everyone sit under a microphone. I have to change this. So, with all the changes, it makes sense to talk about the coronavirus. But if that’s what you mean, each episode will have a different theme.

What do you want to do when you grow up and why?

I want to be a veterinarian because I always want to and I like animals (especially dogs).

What advice do you have for people who have not yet been recorded?

If you mean they want to record their own podcast, try to keep your voice steady, even if no one is listening, remember that you really work hard and like to do it. If you mean they are going to play my podcast, then think about all the ways you can participate.

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