Amazon Music launches synchronized podcast transcripts in the U.S.

Amazon Music Announce Launched synchronized podcast transcripts in the United States for use in recent episodes of selected Amazon Original and Wondery podcasts, such as Less intelligence, Doctor Death, with An extraordinary place with Van Jones, Plus popular hit shows My favorite murder, Crime addict, Modern love, This American life, And more. The podcast transcript will be available to U.S. customers in the latest version of the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android starting on November 3, 2021.

Similar to the popular lyrics feature launched by Amazon Music in 2013, this new feature allows listeners to experience podcasts in a whole new way. Amazon Music is the first music service to provide simultaneous podcast transcription, allowing customers to follow or look forward in the episode, similar to the thumbnail preview when scrubbing a video.

While listening, customers can navigate through an episode to find a specific location by scrolling through the transcribed text, and then click to jump directly to that location. The playback will continue at the specific sentence they clicked on in the transcription, allowing listeners to easily navigate to the part of the podcast they are most interested in. Listeners can also jump forward and backward while viewing the transcription to find a piece they have missed, or look forward quickly to know the content of an episode-making navigation easier than ever.

“At Amazon, we always start with the customer experience and then go backwards from there. We lead the industry by launching synchronized podcast transcripts for customers, making it easier than ever for listeners to follow their favorite podcasts on Amazon Music. “Amazon Music Podcast Director Kintan Brahmbhatt said. “Through simultaneous transcription, we are changing the way listeners experience podcasts, making it easy for everyone to experience podcasts.”

Transcripts will also be provided for selected programs from U.S. public media, audio chuck, Cadence13, New York Times, Stitcher and TED.

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