Apple explains how automatic downloads work

  • podcast:popular Yes New proposal for podcast namespace: A tag that can display the most popular episodes of the podcast in the podcast player. Podcast hosting companies can open this tab for all shows and display the most popular shows for potential listeners to discover.Your idea Will be welcomed.

  • Starting in May, but worth a look-Den Delimarsky’s post How to download your podcast analysis data from Spotify. This makes us wonder if this can work using standard APIs to carry headers. Also-why do we have to jump over these hurdles to gain API access to our own podcast data?

  • When sending boostagrams, you can send any number of boosts-some numbers are meaningful. The boost in 1776 was called “Liberty Boost”, and the boost in 1999 was called “Prince Boost”.Gary Arndt Prepared a preliminary list -Anyone who wishes to send us the enhanced functions of the school calculator will be a lifelong friend!

  • Cloudflare published an article about Multi-user IP address detection. Currently IAB specification Discussed a way to mark certain IP addresses (such as a large company) as safe, assuming it ends up with multiple users: but this technology seems to automate this task.

  • Boostagram corner: use Value 4 value, We earn a small amount of cryptocurrency from each listener, as well as additional boostagrams-messages and bigger tips.Dave Jones likes “good apples, bad apples” (thanks Sprint); Brian from London liked that we mentioned him last week (1029 seats from Castamatic); Dave Jones again: “I don’t think Spotify is “breaking podcasts”. They just ruined their product. Theirs Podcasting strategies seem to be increasingly fragmented and incomprehensible. When their attempts to enclose the garden fail, as usual, the open RSS ecosystem will still be ticking here-because the information wants to be free, audio I want to be heard.” Thanks to Castamatic’s 21,138 seats. When we say newpodcastapps․ com (5000 seats from CurioCaster), Adam Curry liked us; “medus” said Podnews is the first program they listen to every weekday-thanks to Fountain for 2,000 seats. Last week, we produced 39,135 seats ($24.05). We appreciate promotion, and normal seats every minute: send us a message by pressing and holding the promotion button in the podcast app, if you don’t have one, Get one from here.

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