Audacy promotes Tim Clarke to senior vice president of audio content

Boldly have Elevated Tim Clarke has been appointed as the senior vice president of digital audio content for the company’s central digital team, effective immediately.

In this role, Clarke will be responsible for the audio content on the Audacy digital platform, which includes the Audacy app, and Audacy’s radio website. Clark will promote the strategy and execution of new exclusive and original content on the platform, and will oversee Audacy’s new exclusive digital music station. He will also be responsible for the digital audio experience for Audacy’s radio station portfolio, local and national radio affiliates, and podcast partners. Clarke will work with Pam Russo, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Audacy Digital Platform; and John Pacino, Executive Vice President of Products. He will also work closely with Executive Vice President and Head of Programming Jeff Sottolano and the Audacy programming and content team across the company to develop new and innovative listener experiences by combining platform technology with Audacy’s first-class audio content and talents, while working with The leadership of the podcast studio, local teams and talents collaborate to further enhance and develop Audacy’s local podcast content and audience.

Audacy Chief Digital Officer JD Crowley said: “Tim is a rising star in our industry, and we are very happy to add his talents and capabilities to our digital business.” “He brings a wealth of leadership content and consumption. We believe that these experiences will enable him to further enhance our mission of providing dynamic digital audio content through a listener-friendly platform every day.”

“I’m really honored to join our industry-leading digital and content team because we are building the future of audio together with Audacy,” Clark said. “My heartfelt thanks to the team at Audacy, including Mark Hannon and my colleagues in Boston. I love working with incredible people and brands in this market, and look forward to seeing them continue to succeed under the leadership of Mike Thomas.”

Clarke joined Audacy in March 2021. He previously served as the Vice President of Content and Audience at Cox Media Group (CMG). In this position, he is responsible for overseeing all content, programming, marketing, and digital audience strategies of the company’s broadcast assets. Prior to this, Clarke was the senior director of Digital Audience, responsible for the digital content, audience and product strategy of CMG Radio. Cox Media Group’s other positions include CMG Tampa’s “Hot 101.5” WPOI-FM brand and program director, CMG Tampa’s social media director at all six hotels, CMG Jacksonville WAPE-FM’s program director, and CMG Long Island’s music director WBLI-FM. In 2011, Clarke was named one of the “Top 30 Under 30” by Edison Research.

Audacy then welcomed Mike Thomas to succeed Clarke as its senior vice president and marketing manager for the Boston market. In this position, Thomas will oversee six radio stations in the market, including Big 103 (WBGB-FM), Magic 106.7 (WMJX-FM), Mix 104.1 (WWBX-FM) WEEI (WEEI-FM), WEEI (WEEI-AM) ) And WVEI (WVEI-AM), effective November 1.

“I am very happy to welcome Mike back to Boston to lead Audacy’s leading brand,” said Mark Hannon, regional president of Audacy. “Mike is a recognized winner, and his leadership is essential to drive business development. I also want to thank Tim Clarke for his excellent work over the past year and wish him the opportunity to join us. The digital team continues to be successful.”

“Boston evokes memories of good times and celebrations,” Thomas said. “When Mark Hannon reached out to come back to lead such a diverse radio station, it was really exciting! I can’t wait to reconnect with so many talented people, some of whom have worked side by side with me for more than a decade And celebrate more victories.”

Thomas joined Audacy from Good Karma Brands and has been the marketing manager of ESPN Chicago 1000 AM since December 2019. Prior to this, Thomas served as the brand manager of 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston from 2017 to 2019. During his tenure, the station won three Marconi Sports Station of the Year awards. Thomas has worked for CBS Radio Station for 9 years, holding various positions, including vice president of sports programming, working with program directors of 18 local sports stations owned and operated by the company nationwide, and vice president of programming and project director of CBS Boston Radio , Including 11 years of working for Marconi’s award-winning WZLX. Thomas started his career at Clear Channe/iHeart as the program director and live broadcast character of San Diego KGB-FM and Indianapolis WFBQ-FM, and in 2001 served as the company’s eight Classic Rock radio stations in Indiana. Rock Brand Manager, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa.

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