Audacy welcomes Lena Moss Glaser as vice president and executive producer of 2400Sports

Bold welcome Lena Moss Glaser serves as the vice president and executive producer of 2400Sports, the latest podcast studio in Audacy’s award-winning digital audio portfolio. In this role, Glaser will oversee all production and content operations of all 2400Sports podcasts, work with internal and external producers and talents to develop new podcasts, and report to Audacy Chief Digital Officer JD Crowley.

“As we continue to expand our newest studio, 2400Sports, I am happy to welcome Lena to Audacy and our podcasting team,” Crowley said. “Her extensive experience in sports media, from digital and social-first content to the international production of the world’s largest sports events, she was able to find unique stories that appeal to different audiences, plus her as an incredible leader Her reputation makes her very suitable for leading 2400Sports, and we look forward to Lena providing our team with her voice, skills and talents.”

“I am very happy to join Audacy and have the opportunity to lead 2400Sports as the way we consume sports and connect with athletes continues to evolve,” Glaser said. “We will work hard to provide fans with the content they desire, tell stories that take them to new places, and support emerging voices. As a fan of programs produced by other Audacy podcast studios, I am very happy to be in the process of building this brand. China worked with them and started working hard to make 2400Sports a home for all kinds of sports fans.”

As a veteran sports studio producer and five-time sports Emmy award winner, Glaser started her career at NBC, where she produced online studio shows for the four Olympic Games and served as NBC in Sochi. Coordinating producer for the Rio and Pingchang Paralympic Games coverage. She produced a national dog show and launched the first live Olympic studio show in the network’s history on Twitter in 2021. Glaser was nominated for a feature film production for the 2015 Sports Emmy Awards.

Her other remote, studio, and functional credits include works for the US Open, Wimbledon and French Open; three Super Bowls, and “American Football Night.” After NBC, Glaser worked for Katie Couric Media, responsible for operating branded content programs. In 2019, she collaborated with TFA Group to develop the documentary “Watershed”, which tells the story of Paralympic swimmer and gold medalist Mallory Wegman and Wegman as executive producer together. Glaser rejoined NBC in 2021 as the coordinating producer of “On Her Turf”, the first ever Olympic radio and podcast dedicated to women’s sports. She remains committed to the development of women’s sports and Paralympic Games and adaptive sports media space.

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