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Sonic boom Announce The launch of AdRip-a new proprietary technology tool that can help podcast creators to profit by returning content to the catalog.

AdRip-Audioboom hosting and distribution platform for podcasts can be used-automatically delete historically embedded podcasts for real-time reading ads without re-editing or re-publishing the program.

AdRip replaces embedded ads with ad inserts, creating a new inventory that can re-profit through Audioboom’s sales channels every time you listen to an episode in the future.

Audioboom’s creator network has more than 91 million downloads per month, and post-catalog content (the episodes that left the first sales window) accounted for more than 50% of that consumption. Podcasts using AdRip can now easily get new revenue from old episodes.

“AdRip will significantly increase the value creators can realize from their work,” said Stuart Last, CEO of Audioboom. “They can benefit from the mature performance of reading ads in real time, while ensuring that they will continue to earn income from their work in the future by automatically updating ads.”

AdRip was launched in July 2021 for creators in the Audioboom premium network.

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