Blubrry added a podcast hosting plan

Brubri Announce They once again bring value to podcast hosting customers through advanced plans. Advanced Statistics And domain mapping (for users who use our free WordPress site) is now included in Blubrry’s $20+ hosting plan.

The growth of podcast viewers is exciting, and Blubrry provides the best way to track this growth by adjusting based on data. Blubrry provides advanced statistics.

Advanced statistics, Blubrry’s most powerful podcast analysis, is now automatically included in all Premium hosting plan. Advanced Stats was released as an add-on in 2019, providing data on partial downloads, playback delivery, and listener retention rates.

Mapping a domain name to your website is the ultimate way to build your brand under your .com and get the authority, search, and referral traffic that your show deserves.

New product:

  • Advanced Hosting starts at $20 for 250MB storage per month
  • Includes advanced statistics (new)
  • Domain mapping included in the free Blubrry WordPress site (new)
  • Additional storage for $20 provides 250MB of additional storage (new)

Currently plans of $20 and above have received automatic upgrades. You don’t need to do anything other than delve into the new analysis in the dashboard.

In addition, map the domain to your WordPress website provided by Blubrry or migrate your WordPress website to a free website provided by Blubrry.

Standard statistics are still included in all $12 hosting plans or can be used by any podcast that does not use Blubrry hosting for $5 per month.

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