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announcer, A recently launched podcasting and vodcasting platform that provides studio-quality recordings and the ability to broadcast live to YouTube and Facebook.

Boomcaster is working on Production quality By recording each participant locally in real time, and then uploading the file to the Boomcaster cloud. The result is that studio-quality audio and video are not affected by network failures or bandwidth issues. By recording locally, Boomcaster does not depend on the quality of each participant’s network connection, which may result in poor audio recording quality.

I’ve been using Raf Los from Boomcaser Into the safe rabbit hole podcast, Said: “The best part of Boomcaster is knowing that I will get super high-quality audio and video as separate tracks, regardless of network-related issues, such as audio out-of-sync, granular video, etc. This can happen in podcast recording sessions period.”

Boomcaster does not require users to download software. It creates a separate network recording as a backup so that users can guarantee that they will never lose interviews. Boomcaster also allows users to schedule podcasts and send invitations.

Users can also customize Boomcaster sessions with their logo and color palette to brand their podcasts and vodcasts.

Hari Gopalakrishna, the founder and CEO of Boomcaster, created this service after realizing that the quality of his podcasts would fluctuate based on the bandwidth and strength of his Internet connection. He also needs a separate track for editing, and wants to broadcast live while recording; another option is to have each participant download and install special software on their computer. He said, “This is great for us and ours. It seemed intimidating for the guests. This set me on the journey of building a super reliable but simple podcast recording solution for professionals and novices.”

“I have been doing podcasting for a long time, using different software for recording and live streaming. Boomcaster is one of the simplest and most user-friendly applications I have ever encountered,” said host Mitch Robbins. Medical Technology Talent Laboratory.

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