British Podcast Awards announces 2021 winners

British Podcast Awards Announce The winner of 2021. The winners were selected by more than 100 international and British judges working in the field.

The winners of 2021 are:

Annual podcasts supported by Sony Music: Vent documentary (Vice British)

The BBC sounds the listener’s choice: Red hand (BBC)-Suruti and Hannah

2021 Spotify Podcast Champion: Happy place – Fein Cotton

Gold Award: Answer me this! – Helen Zalzman and Olli Mann

The best Acast moments of the year: Where is George Gibney? (BBC voice)-Mark Hogan

Best Health Podcast: Discover dementia – Penny ball

The best branded podcasts supported by Acast Creative: Gardening with RHS (Pixiu Production)

Bullseye Award for Global Support: Some families – Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley

The best art and culture podcasts supported by Create Podcasts: True dictator – Paul McGann (noise man)

Best comedy podcasts supported by Stitcher: Kurt FM Podcast (Audible original sound)

Best current affairs podcast: Your Broccoli Weekly -Journalist Diyora Shadijanova

Best entertainment supported by Amazon Music: The star in your ear – Jesse Robinson

Creative awards supported by Audible UK: Interrelated sounds

Best Family Podcast: McGrady’s Sound Explorer (Sony Music)

Best Novel: Things of Darkness (BBC Radio 4)

The best interview supported by Pod Bible: Honest man -George West

The best new podcasts supported by Audible: Live recording

Spotlight Awards for Global Support: Cooperation with Louis Theroux (BBC Radio 4)

Best Sex and Relationship Podcast: Difficult negotiation (Click on radio station)

The best daily podcasts supported by Spotify: intelligence (economist)

The best business podcasts supported by Wondery: DIFTK podcast – Frankie Tortora and Steve Folland (Penfolds)

The best broadcast podcasts supported by DTS AutoStage: Skewers – Jon Holmes (BBC Radio 4)

The best locked podcasts supported by Amazon Music: Stolen goodbye – Karen Rice

Learn more about the other winners of the 2021 British Podcast Awards on their website.

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