Captivate releases host integration guest booking, An independent IAB technical laboratory certified podcast hosting, analysis and monetization platform, with Released A fully integrated interview management system for guest reservations and independent podcasts.

The system allows independent audio creators to book and manage their guest interviews from a central location connected to their podcast hosting. In addition to allowing guests to actively book shows, hosts can also automatically capture all relevant guest data for use in their podcasting workflow, including downloads based on specific guests and automation of episode program annotations.

Regarding the update, Captivate CEO Mark Asquith said: “Since I started podcasting in 2011, I have been using a third-party calendar booking link. That works, but it doesn’t work well for serious modern podcasts. There are no simple links to other parts of my workflow, which means I cannot, for example, I cannot automatically pass my guest’s bio and social links to my episode show notes, nor can I easily transfer any given The results of the guest’s audience are superimposed on my own download number.”

Captivate provides convenience for busy creators. In addition to saving a lot of time for podcasting, it also reduces podcasting costs by removing an additional paid service from the podcasting stack. “

In addition to the release of these new features, Asquith also confirmed that the booking platform has been integrated with the world-class remote recording platform SquadCast from the beginning, by automatically creating a SquadCast recording session when guests book an interview time slot.

SquadCast CEO Zachariah Moreno said: “We are very keen on SquadCast to ensure that podcasting has the most effective and efficient technology, so when Mark, Kieran and Captivate teams talk to us about becoming a publishing partner for guest bookings and an interview management platform, This is something we are very excited about and we will say’yes’ soon.”

The Captivate team will integrate this new guest booking and interview management service with the Podcasting 2.0 program and Podchaser in its next minor follow-up release.

This upgrade was launched to celebrate the International Podcast Day on September 30. This upgrade follows Captivate’s recently released cross-promotion feed and network features. The new guest booking and interview management features are available for free to all podcast creators. Any Captivate program can be used without restrictions.

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