Crooked Media moves towards international advertising through Acast

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Ford Motor Company does not use coupon codes or vanity URLs-but they still know how effective their ads are. Podcast advertisers have similar tools available. Learn more in Sounds Profitable via Podsights this week-and Subscribe today.

Want to be on the front page of Podnews? We would like to comment on how useful you have found Podnews. “We trust Podnews every day to understand our industry-Joe Schmo, PodcastingHosting Co”, And things like that. We will use the best and the best and link to your website or Twitter or something. Come on? Reply to this email (, thank you.

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We interrupt this broadcast

We interrupt this broadcast Launched yesterday: Narrated by NBC’s Brian Williams, each episode of the podcast unfolds and delves into reports and reactions to events that have become historical. It is based on a book by Joe Garner.

Know too much town

Cheating: When you love to lie

CelinaSpookyBoo's haunted manor

CelinaSpookyBoo’s haunted manor Has collaborated with Studio71 to produce new episodes, guests and wild stories. These stories involve not only creepy things, but also daily troubles. It entered the top 75 of the Apple Podcasts ranking.

Left-handed Radio | Skit Comedy Podcast

From Left-handed radio, Hosted by John Jambon Your stupid amazing brainIn this episode, he unveiled the mystery of 2011: Although it never happened officially, everyone swears that they can remember this year.

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Run with Donovan Bailey

Run with Donovan Bailey Launched last week, hosted by the world record-breaking sprinter and two-time Olympic champion. It describes itself as “an important new lifestyle talk show in the podcasting world, featuring internationally renowned heavyweights from the sports world.” It is distributed by Acast.

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