DM Podcast joins NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network

New Star Entertainment Announce DM Podcasts (Diamantia Media) will join the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network (NEPN) to establish a strategic partnership. NOVA will host and commercialize their popular podcast series while investing in the sharing of original podcast programs.

This collaboration will allow NOVA Entertainment to represent DM Podcast’s complete program network, covering popular categories such as sports, comedy, and entertainment, including the award-winning Betoota Advocate Podcast, Becky & Cam Hotline, and It’s so dramatic!, As well as the development and release of new co-productions, which will increase audiences and provide brands with greater integration opportunities.

Kane Reiken, Director of Digital Business at NOVA Entertainment, said: “NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network is known as a brand-built network. This collaboration with Diamantina Media demonstrates our continued commitment to building and supporting high-quality local original content that has created The new background and talents provide our customers with a leading environment.

“Our well-thought-out partnership has identified DM Podcasts as a content producer at the forefront of Australian pop culture and has achieved considerable success in entertaining and attracting audiences.”

DM Podcasts founder Anthony Stockdale said: “We are very happy to work with NOVA Entertainment. This co-production agreement is the first in Australia and we believe this is the future of podcasting. DM Podcasts is very happy that NEPN has the same Vision and ambition. We believe this partnership is the best of both worlds, allowing us to maintain our voice as a true, independent content creator with the support, knowledge and resources of Australia’s fastest-growing media business.”

This collaboration will allow the two brands to further expand their ambitions, continue to lead the market, create high-quality Australian content that connects with audiences, and provide customers with compelling advertising opportunities to drive impact and deliver results.

The NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network (NEPN) brings together the country’s largest accessible talent, including beloved identities, influencers and experts, to create a set of high-quality podcast content that connects viewers and brands.

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