Erica Cruz Guevarra becomes the host of the KQED “Bay” podcast

KQED Announce Erica Cruz Guevara will take over bay, The station’s award-winning news story podcast. Guevara previously served as the producer of the series. Guevarra succeeded Devin Katayama, the former host of The Bay, who is now KQED’s first talent and development editor.

Che Guevara joined bay In 2019.Since then, she has been reporting important local news stories for the station, including the award-winning 2019 report on Vallejo police and Gulf The role of race in the Olinda shooting.

Guevarra first joined KQED in 2015 as KQED’s first Raul Ramirez Diversity Fund intern. From there, she worked as a breaking news reporter for the Oregon Public Broadcasting Corporation and won the Regional Professional Journalists Association Award for her coverage of wildfires. She has also participated in and helped produce NPR’s code switching team, and is an alumnus of NPR’s next generation radio project at KJZZ in Phoenix.She returned to KQED as a producer bay In 2019.

“I am very happy to continue to develop on the foundation created by German through this show, and to help it continue to reach its target audience: younger and more diverse audiences who care deeply about the Bay Area. I hope to be our time. Trustworthy guides for some stories and help people to root where we live, making us feel closer to our neighbors-including those in less populated areas of the Bay Area.” Guevara said.

Guevarra and The Bay editor Alan Montecillo have been co-hosting podcasts temporarily since early September. Guevara will host The Bay full-time from November 5th.

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