“Fat Leonard” Podcast Exposes U.S. Army Corruption

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  • A new podcast, Fat Leonard, Highlighting what it claims is corruption within the U.S. Navy. Leonard himself spoke for the first time, and the podcast also included brave women who exposed the scam. The content studios PRX and Project Brazen, founded by former Wall Street Journal reporters Bradley Hope and Tom Wright, were launched yesterday.
  • Podcast anchor market share based on new episodes It was released in September. John Spurlock’s Livewire Labs generated the data: Anchor released the latest episodes, and Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Libsyn and Soundcloud also ranked in the top five.
  • exclusive: Overview of Latvia’s Podcasting Market. Andrejs Siliņš told us that Apple Podcasts is the fourth-ranked platform, and only 10% of Latvians say they use it. Spotify is more than three times more popular; but there is also a larger platform.

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