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  • According to Spotify’s Nordic podcast manager Karin Bäckmark (pictured on the left), in the past year, the number of Swedish novel podcasts has increased by 338%.The company announced a new audio drama called De Fria, Will start recording near Nynäshamn in September. It will be released in 2022 and will be directed by the award-winning director Peter Grönlund (pictured right) produced by Munck Media.
  • This Social podcasting app GoodPods Received an update this week, which is great news for independent podcasters.The leaderboard (click to search, then scroll down) has a "Independent only" Switch to filter out company left "Your friend listened" Checking can also help discover new programs. You should also declare your podcast (edit your profile).

  • This U.S. Podcast Report for June 2021 From Triton Digital. Stitcher ranked first for the second consecutive month, beating NPR (although iH heartRadio was not measured). Despite Apple podcasts, the average weekly downloads of the top 10 publishers increased by 5% year-on-year Automatic download error And move to IAB v2.1. (An investment analyst recently used data from competing Podtrac rankers to claim that podcasts Negative growth).

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  • Podland News This week James Cridland and Sam Sethi talked with Nick Hilton about his new podcast, Jemily Rime talked about the future of podcasting, and Squadcast’s Zach and Rock talked about their new version, which will work with one of the sponsors, Riverside FM. Also sponsored by Buzzsprout.
  • Joles and Jim’s drive The new season is back: musician Jools Holland and surrealist comedian Jim Moir have a relaxing chat with celebrity friends, talking about transportation, travel, travel and small talk. The first guest was Rob Braden.

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