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  • Starting today, Español sounds profitable, As Bryan Barletta explained in Sounds Profitable with Podsights. Podcast advertising technology newsletter will use Veritone MARVEL․ ai’s technology for translation and production: therefore Sounds profitable On the podcast, Brian sounds as if he can speak fluent Spanish… but he can’t.

    • Using the same synthesized speech technology, you can hear our editor James Cridland in Our podcast today. This is quite something.
  • We found that Google Podcasts prevents users under 18 and not logged in from accessing certain podcasts. We have more in-depth details below.

  • Apple podcasts for creators Updated its Podcast hosting provider Page, there are twelve new podcast hosts and filters.

    • We have previously asked Apple how this page selects companies.They won’t say; but it is recommended that providers use Apple’s contact us Associated.
  • Susie Wohurst Has been appointed as the international head of Apple Podcasts. She is Acast’s senior vice president of content and works in London.

  • Christine Charlen already Appointed as Vice President of Veritonic Marketing. She moved from Triton Digital, which has been there for ten years.

  • In-depth: Google Podcasts blocked some podcasts

    Podnews discovered that Google Podcasts is restricting podcast content, marking some shows as “Content is not available“And indicate that the company “restricts certain content for people under 18 years of age.” Even if the program is not marked as “explicit” or blocked for any obvious reason, it may be restricted; and the publisher There is no way to know if their show is marked in this way.

    An affected publisher of sports and fitness podcasts contacted us, which included interviews with women’s football managers, TV sports commentators, and football coaches. Their customers worry that their content is clearly marked as inappropriate for children. After reviewing the content, we did not see any reason to restrict it.

    A Google Podcast spokesperson told us:

    “We strive to provide a safe and reliable platform for our creators, which means that we earnestly fulfill our obligation to comply with applicable global regulations and legal requirements.

    “As part of our efforts to comply with new children’s privacy regulations in the UK and elsewhere, certain content may now be restricted by users who may be under the age of 18 instructed by our system or People who are not signed in to a Google account with Located in an area affected by the aforementioned compliance measures.

    “In order to determine which content is suitable for the age of these young users, we rely on information from multiple sources, including publisher tags, our own internal comments, and other signals. We are working to improve our signals so that we can safely expand relevant A corpus of podcasts accessible to young and/or logged-out users in the region, and plans to launch more updates soon.”

    We don’t know that any other podcasting app will decide to hide the entire show like this, it seems to be random. It is especially disappointing that publishers did not realize that their programs (and reputation) were incorrectly highlighted in this way. Google can and should do better.

    Podcast News

    Spotify: Microphone check

    Spotify launched two new shows about Spotify this month. Spotify: Microphone check Launched on October 19th, “Have an intimate conversation with musicians and podcasters from all over the world, and share exclusive recordings and personal stories in their own words.”
    Spotify: Found this

    We were told another, Spotify: Found this, Is brand new and will be launched tomorrow, but you will find that 11 episodes have been published in the past year. It promises to provide new insights into music, podcasts, cultural moments and trends.
    Spotify: on the record

    The existing “Spotify Show on Spotify”, Spotify: on the record, Will further advance our story this season by making this podcast the only place where viewers can hear certain business updates.
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