Google Podcasts adds privacy warning

This week’s Gumball sounds lucrative – We’ve even admirably mentioned merchandise in past newsletters. Brian interviews Nick Layton, creator of Were You Raised by Wolves.

  • Content warnings and privacy notices have been added to the Google Podcasts app at many language and region.The app is a top 5 podcast player according to most podcast hosts – notifications link to this page.

    • The message clearly states that Google does not host the content (from Sky News UK, Brookings Institution and others have recently highlighted content issues in podcasts).The company has blocked some podcasts People under 18 who are not logged in.
    • Oddly, the message also highlights that if you play an episode, the IP address is passed on to the podcast hosting company. The same is true when you click on a website in Google Search, so we asked Google why it’s there, and what’s so special about podcasts that deserve this troubling warning.
  • Spotify shuts down its original podcast studio, known internally as Studio 4. 15 people will be moved to other positions or made redundant. Described by a staff member as a “junk drawer”, the division produces shows not produced by Gimlet, Parcast or The Ringer (which Spotify later bought). The show doesn’t appear to be canceled.

  • Amazon Music Podcasts reportedly has more than 200,000 podcasts and ’55 million customers’ Podcast Creator Outreach Documentation Shared by the company. It says you’ll be able to track your download count “soon” in their dashboard.

Tips and Tricks – Using Podpage

Podcast News – with Quill

Quill Productions: C suite Join Claudette McGowan, Global Executive, Cybersecurity, TD Bank, to explore how cyberattacks happen and what we can do to avoid them. From phishing schemes to robocalls, Claudette meets with C Suite leaders to discuss cyber challenges and ways to help people be more protected.
Time Out: Fair Play Podcast

Released by Hello Sunshine and iHeartMedia Time Out: Fair Play Podcast today. Hosted by Fair Play bestselling author Eve Rodsky and physician Dr. Aditi, the show invites listeners to learn how to pass the time with science-backed solutions, humor, personal insights and practical tips. Their first guest was relationship coach Matthew Fray, who became famous for writing a New York Times article about divorce over dishes.
Lolo Jones' gold loser

Lolo Jones’ gold loser is the latest podcast from Blue Wire. Sponsored by Discover, it looks at the career ups and downs of major celebrities in sports, entertainment, fashion and music. Lolo Jones is competing on the U.S. women’s bobsleigh team at the Winter Olympics. – read more

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