Growing the podcast industry

Once the host’s podcast reaches their level of satisfaction, they should seek to develop the industry. When an industry grows, most industries benefit. For podcast hosts, with the development of the podcast industry, this may bring more listeners to podcasts.

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Helping rising stars in the industry

Hosts can help new podcast hosts cultivate followers of promising hosts. An up-and-coming host will share the podcast with new friends. This will bring new audiences to the industry.

Hosts can use a variety of methods to help budding hosts. One way is to have them as guests of podcasts. Another way is to let the host be a guest of their podcast. These two methods have the same impact. The host’s audience will find a new podcast. And the audience of this budding host will grow. The advantage of the host is that new listeners from the up-and-coming host’s podcast will find the host’s content. New viewers will listen to previous episodes or search for more content. They will find content created with the host. New listeners may listen to their episodes together and subscribe to the host’s podcast.

Start the podcast network

Starting the network will help any podcast host in the industry. Some hosts may struggle with certain elements of the podcast. Creating a podcast network can help the host. The network provides them with community and resources.

The network can provide more monetized sales capabilities for everyone on the network. For example, if a network has 11 members, one of them downloads 10,000 times a month. The others have 1,000 downloads every month. Everyone on the network can benefit from contacting advertisers together. The network can approach advertisers and say: “We have a network with 20,000 downloads per month.” This may lead to better deals for all involved. Any new member of the network can immediately start monetizing podcasts.

Use other media

To introduce people to the podcast industry, the host can use different media. The host can collaborate with creators in other industries. They can conduct newsletter interviews instead of accepting podcast interviews. Any newsletter reader who does not know podcasts will know them after reading them. Propaganda through different media increases the possibility of newcomers discovering podcasts.

Use new products

New products are introduced into an industry every day. These products will be the first time a new host introduces podcasts. Sometimes when there is a problem with the product, the user will abandon it. This may cause them to abandon podcasts. The host can help prevent problems by becoming a beta tester for the new software. Getting feedback from experienced podcast hosts will make the product better. The host can make feature requests to improve the product. Being a Beta tester and reporting an error means that the new host is unlikely to experience the same problem.


In order for newcomers to enter this industry, the host can advertise in different media. The host can sponsor video channels with related content. Podcasts and videos are similar. For video viewers, the transition from video to podcasting is not a big change.

For example, comedians can sponsor a video channel that analyzes stand-up comedies. Subscribers to the channel are likely to switch. These subscribers have already consumed comedy content. In some cases, some viewers only listen to the video without watching the video. These audiences may be interested in comedy podcasts.

There is a blog somewhere that teaches people how to write jokes. In order to find new audiences, comedians can sponsor blogs. Readers may be interested in starting a comedy career. They may want to listen to podcasts by experienced comedians. They can get some guidance to start their own comedy podcast. Once they start the podcast, the host can invite them to join the podcast network.

Some potential listeners may consume content from traditional media companies. Hosts can buy advertising space for podcasts in newspapers or magazines.

The driver listened to the radio while driving. Hosts can buy billboards and promote podcasts to drivers. They may not know about podcasts. At the same time, broadcast listeners may be more willing to switch to podcasts.

These are alternative media. Some people who consume content may not know about podcasts. Media advertising will make these consumers aware of podcasts.

Cooperate with other companies to push broadcasters

Many companies will benefit from the growth of the podcast industry. The host should contact these companies and promote the idea of ​​cooperation. One form of cooperation may be to hold an event to bring more awareness to the industry.

Cooperation with other companies

In any industry, there is a group of people working together. Organization to improve the industry. Adding new members adds value to the organization. The organization will gain a new perspective. The host can provide them with ideas they haven’t thought of before. The organization includes industry insiders. Anyone who joins the organization will work with them. If they like to work with the owner at the right time, they will be willing to help them.

Invest in new products

Investing in the product can motivate the owner to help the product grow. As the product develops, new people will discover this industry. If the host wants to invest in a company, then this will expand their customer base. The company can use the money to create new hosts. These new customers may eventually listen to the host’s podcast.

Answer questions

When someone has a new interest, they will use search engines to get more knowledge. At the same time, there is a question and answer website. People look for answers on these websites. When someone answers the question, they will show up in the search engine results. The host can point people to the resources in their answers.

Create content

When people want to learn a new skill, they look for resources. Creating content for these people will help them join the industry. Hosts can write a book about their experience in podcasting. Help readers avoid the same mistakes.

Online courses create a visual learning experience for the audience. In the course, the host can learn about the technical elements of starting a podcast.

The added benefit of books and courses is that they will make the master an expert. Content becomes another source of income for the host.


In some universities, professors want guest lecturers to talk to students. The host can be a guest lecturer in the media or audio department. Most college students are in their 20s. A college student who works in the podcast industry after graduating from college may work in the industry for 40 years.

host a meeting

The host can invite people to the meeting. For some attendees, the conference may be their first experience of podcasting. After the meeting, someone might start listening to podcasts or join the industry. By inviting people to the meeting, the host can decide how to introduce someone to the podcast.

Attend a meeting

If the host does not want to start the meeting, they can find one. Speeches at conferences can be equally influential. When delivering a speech, the speaker occupies most of the attention of the meeting. A speech is an opportunity for attendees to learn about podcasts.

Hire staff

When people work in an industry, they add value to the industry. The more value-added the industry, the more it will grow. They will tell people that they work in the podcast industry. If someone doesn’t understand podcasts, they will learn through employees.

Personal sales

There are other forms of content creation. Some formats use the same equipment as podcasts. Hosts can use their podcasts to sell content creators ideas for starting a podcast. Invite different content creators to be guests so that they can see the production of podcasts. After gaining podcasting experience, they may want to start podcasting. Their core audience will start listening to their podcasts. Those listeners who have not heard of podcasts may become listeners.

Collaborate with other podcast hosts to make changes

Every industry has problems. Several people in the industry may encounter the same problem. These people can work together to solve this problem. Solving this problem will help lower the barriers to entry for newcomers. Everyone who helps solve the problem will benefit in some way. They can benefit financially or by attaching their name to the solution.

in conclusion

The podcast industry is growing every year. Everyone in the industry has benefited from this growth. The moderator who promotes the development of the industry also develops his own personal brand.


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