How social media activities will boost podcast subscriptions

according to”Unlimited dialing 2015A study conducted by Edison Research and Triton Digital found that 49% of the public are familiar with the term podcast and 33% have listened to it. In addition, Facebook is the most commonly used social media channel, with nearly two-thirds (65%) of people using the service.

with Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, Social media can be used as a catalyst to promote the growth of podcasts. Carrying out social media campaigns is more than just gaining organic influence.

As part of your digital marketing strategy, Social media activities can produce results The normal limit is exceeded. Revenues such as brand awareness, website traffic, and podcast subscriptions are just some additional by-products.

When you sent the tweet, the social media activity did not speaker The podcast understands, Trends Drive Efforts One of the most successful brands.Depending on the size of the campaign, you should Spending days or even weeks is just planning.

Are you ready to start your social media campaign? Learn how to do it in the following four steps:

  1. Develop specific sports goals

How you prepare for a social media event will determine its success.

“It always starts with [answering the questions]: What do you want to achieve? What are your business goals and goals? Said Kevin Bobowski, Vice President of Marketing coupon, A participating marketing platform that manages user-generated content.

“The other thing is: Who do you want to contact? Is it an existing customer, a potential customer, or someone you have never heard of?”

Determine the specific goals of your campaign. These goals should be related to your overall podcast mission and social media goals.

In order for you to track progress, they need to be measurable goals. Because honestly, if things don’t go well during the campaign, you want to be able to divert your attention quickly.So choose your metrics or KPIs and Social media management tools This can help you keep track of the data.

Develop a clear schedule for your event, start and end dates, and a schedule for sending each social media message.Similar to yours Social media strategy, Decide where you can get the most benefits.

Determine your target audience. This will help you market messages based on the demographics and psychological characteristics of your audience. Choose social networks where promotional materials will be popular.

Here are some thoughts on your social media activities:

source: suite

Take action: Define the purpose of the social media campaign.

  1. Create actionable content

Create compelling and timely content. Develop content suitable for these three categories:

  • it works: How will people use your content? Will it help them save time or money? Will it teach them something new?
  • Thought-provoking: Let people think with interesting tidbits or pearls of wisdom.
  • humor: Laughter is golden. Be funny, but avoid any crude humor.

Think carefully about what you want to promote. You need to be able to connect with people through social media channels. If you can’t do this, it doesn’t matter how great your content is-no one will read, listen or care.

Provide a clear call to action. When you create a message, tell people what you want them to do. Don’t just post links. In addition, instruct them to “click on the link.”

Participate creatively. Give away your content and encourage people to take action. Provide free download or reward materials.People like to feel Forced to do something.

Deliver your content to Regular arrangement. Just like podcasts, social media events require a commitment to the schedule and audience.

To make sure you keep your promises, create a Content calendar. Plan social media content in advance. This will help you leverage content across media and simplify resources.

This is an Free customizable templates Can help you get started:


source: Moz

Take action: Create three social media messages for your event.

  1. Attract the audience early and often

In order to effectively promote your social media activities, Establish audience expectationsBefore your event starts, contact your current podcast listeners and let them participate in the event.

Send an email or mention the event in multiple episodes. You can also take advantage of your partnership.Ask your friends speaker Podcasts join the event.

Monitoring and response To your audience. Be active and appear in your social media profile. You can even set reminders on your phone. So when someone comments on your Facebook post, you can respond quickly.

Social media works with healthy conversations. Let potential subscribers know about your podcast.

Let’s see one A few examples of good participation:

Pre-release and release

Get your followers excited. Lay the foundation for launching new social media activities.


source: Simple passion

During the activity

Keep your campaign supporters motivated by frequent updates. Share information about the progress of your event and interact with people.


source: @Twitter咖啡

After the event

Interact with fans after the event. If you have a contest, please post a photo of the winner.


source: #AmazingBabyRescueMe

Take action: Develop a strategy to attract people to actively participate.

  1. Assess the impact of exercise

There are two ways to measure social media: Continuous analysis and activity-centric indicators. Your analysis is how you track the overall activity of your social media account over a period of time. Metrics centered on marketing activities can help you understand the impact of targeted marketing plans.

Measuring conversion rates shows the number of visitors who actually acted on your social media messages.To track conversions, you need to ask for help from a third-party service, such as Google Analytics. Conversion metrics may include:

  • Registered content download
  • online sale
  • Email subscription
  • Podcast subscription

Be sure to link back to your website in each article. This will monitor your website activity, including where visitors come from.

View your analysis report See what works and what does not work. Evaluate the results and let you know how to do better. Maybe your early morning post gets more engagement, but your late afternoon post doesn’t work well. Use this knowledge to adjust your next campaign strategy.

Take action: Choose conversion metrics that are important to podcasting success.

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Grow your podcast now

Social media has the potential to promote the growth of podcasts. Whether you want to increase your podcast subscriptions or just get people to take action, you can develop a plan to attract viewers and track your progress.

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