How to conduct a great podcast interview

A great podcast depends on great conversation.

Interviewing guests is more than just asking the right questions. Your audience wants to hear compelling content.

“It’s about real interest, flow, atmosphere, sincerity, attention, digging, undefined, compelling stories, avoiding embarrassment and being aware of all of these at the same time,” said host Pat Flynn. Smart passive income.

speaker Hope you have a great podcast interview. Here are five strategies you can implement today:

  1. Research your guests thoroughly

Most podcasts exist to educate listeners on specific topics. In order to host a content-rich program, you must not only understand the theme, but also the guests. Your job is to extract the most interesting stories that guests must share.

Do your homework. Search online and collect background information about the interviewee.For example, follow them Social media channels, Such as Twitter and Facebook.


Listen to previous talks introducing their work and read their blog posts. Researching your guests will help you guide the conversation in multiple directions.

  1. Participate in open questions

Ask open-ended questions. These questions need more in-depth answers. They also help to understand a person or a situation.

Stephen Walsh, co-founder of Kineo, suggests you ask these Five standard questions Elicit answers that are useful to the audience:

  1. What is the biggest lesson you learned about X…?
  2. What is your key recommendation for X…?
  3. How would you explain the X theme to newcomers?
  4. What makes you interested in X…?
  5. What makes you angry with X…?

Be consistent and natural in your questions. Can relieve guests’ anxiety, Build your authority As a podcast.

  1. Listen carefully

Listening sounds obvious, but this is a common mistake made by beginners and experienced podcasters.

Sometimes, we are so focused on asking questions from the prepared list that we miss the important points made by the guests. Then, the natural process looks awkward, and we even ask questions that have already been answered.

In order to listen effectively, Reduce any interference nearby. Focus on your guests, not the next question.

Cliff Ravenscraft, host Podcast answerer, Provide the following Tips for improving podcasting Interview:

  • Don’t interrupt guests when they are talking.
  • Don’t give verbal consent to every statement they make.
  • Avoid using simple one-word questions.
  1. Ask the story

Researchers Found that storytelling has greatly changed the way our brains work.

Jennifer Aaker, professor of marketing at Stanford University School of Business, said: “A story is a journey that touches the audience. When the audience embarks on this journey, they will feel different. The result is persuasion Sometimes there is action. “

If you want to convince your audience, please encourage your guests to tell their experiences. Those unforgettable moments will attract people’s attention and build a relationship with the audience.

Remember to provide the audience with insights they never expected.To hone your skills, listen to others Speaker Podcast.

Picture 2source
  1. Summary and clarification

The third time is charm. This expression is correct in podcasts.

Repeating and summarizing conversations can Help listeners digest information. Don’t let your audience miss the good points.

Again, be yourself. No need to use jargon. Rev. Kenneth V. Blanchard, Sr., host Black man with a gun, Said, “I believe everyone has their own rhythm and style.”

“Find something that works for you and polish it. You don’t have to imitate anyone, but you should be’comfortable with your skin’.”

Learning and growth

Podcasting is a skill. It takes time and patience to develop your talents.

Your interview should be compelling in a conversational tone. Using stories and listening carefully can make the experience deeper.

This Speaker community Support your podcast work. What tips will you add to this list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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