How to improve the audio quality of the club application?

What is the clubhouse application

  • Clubhouse App is a social audio application where users can communicate in audio chat rooms.
  • It allows users to participate in real-time conversations through voice and listening functions. Provide users with a list of virtual rooms to join.
  • Each room has a small group of speakers talking about any topic you can think of. The rest of the users are audiences who sit down and listen to the conversation.
  • The entire experience is audio only. Users can switch between rooms at any time, request to speak in one of the rooms, or create their own room for others to join.
  • It is suitable for iOS and Android users.
  • It can accommodate groups of thousands of people.

The importance of audio quality

  • Listen to some of the most popular podcasts. What do they have in common?
  • They all sound like they have been carefully recorded and have consistent audio quality. The dialogue is clear and undisturbed, with selective use of sound effects, and effective use of music when needed.
  • High-quality audio will not distract the content of the program; on the contrary, it welcomes you to join, allowing you to listen, learn or entertain.

How to improve the audio quality of club applications

  • In any case, let us assume that you have logged into the Clubhouse app and are considering starting your own discussion or want to participate in other people’s discussions with the best possible audio quality.
  • Because if you listen to podcasts or watch videos, you know that good audio is important to maintaining a positive experience.
  • In the Clubhouse app, when recording audio from a mobile phone, it is important not to use the microphone or speaker placed in the terminal. Because they will either absorb a lot of environmental noise, or directly couple the sound, which will eventually annoy you or other users.

How to make the audio of the club application better? Well, it’s easy.

Here are some suggestions for improving audio quality within a budget.

External earphone

  • When improving audio quality in the Clubhouse app, hands-free headsets are the most basic. They are the cheapest.
  • In addition, you most likely already have one. So plug them in and compare your audio quality with the quality of the microphone and speakers of your phone directly.

USB microphone

  • USB microphones are also worth considering to improve audio quality. It has a simple connection; you only need a USB A to Lightning or USB C to Lightning adapter to use it.
  • There are other low-cost options that can produce excellent results.
  • Many USB microphones are inexpensive and even have a headphone output.
  • They are classic solutions to improve the audio quality of any recording or broadcast you want. It will not pick up any background noise.

Kit red vlogger

  • The riding vlogger kit is a very attractive option for video themes, but you can also use this option for club applications.
  • Especially the one with lightning connection will allow you to enhance audio capture, so it can monitor the captured and reproduced sound.
  • When you put your phone on a tripod, it’s as if you always carry a small studio with you. Interesting options for improving broadcast quality or network participation.

Lavalier microphone

  • If you don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a microphone on your ears, you can explore the idea of ​​a lavalier microphone. You can buy cheap lavalier microphones. You can connect directly to your phone.
  • If you have an older iPhone, just plug it in using the headphone jack. If you have recently owned an iPhone, you cannot bypass the dongle Live, you need to connect the lightning adapter to the 3.5 mm jack.

Video microphone

Video microphone

  • Connecting them to your smartphone is very easy. In some specific video microphones, you need an adapter to accommodate the 3.5 mm inspection of a smartphone.
  • If you are using a new generation iPhone and dongle, that is.
  • Once your video microphone is connected to your smartphone, it is very simple to use.
  • If you want to be creative, you can also use video microphones to create hands-free clubhouse app settings.

Podcast microphone

Podcast microphone

  • If you really want to crush your club app audio game, you can use your podcast settings. Use the podcast microphone you bought two years ago, because podcasting is one thing.
  • To be able to use your podcast settings, because it is not a USB microphone.
  • We need to overcome a huge challenge, which is to use xlr input on your iPhone or smartphone. xlr is a connector.

There are three possible ways to do this:

1. The first is that you only need to prepare an xlr to 3.5 mm inspection adapter for yourself.

2. The second option is to use rode ixlr adapters, which is an adapter built specifically for iPhone that can accept xlr input.

  • The advantage of this adapter is that when all these interesting things are on the device, it allows you to turn up the volume without using the software on your smartphone.

3. If you have invested a lot of money in podcasting settings, then you may already have an audio interface to which a microphone can be connected to send audio through the 3.5mm check. When you are done, just equip your smartphone with a suitable adapter.

Podcast editing service Vendors provide professional audio editing services, and they will improve audio quality by editing audio.

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