How to sell your products through podcasts

When marketers consider the next product sales event, audio is not always at the forefront, but it should be. More and more reports indicate that podcasts are a great way to connect with end consumers versus 64% of Americans Say they bought a product or service that they heard through an audio program, and the numbers also prove it. In addition, podcasts have the ability to reach consumers anytime, anywhere-a truly priceless commodity.

Why is audio so successful in sales?

Compared with other media formats Audio is unique because it establishes an intimate relationship between the brand and the audience, The host talks directly with the audience, so Consumers feel a more personal connection with the companyIn addition, viewers are more involved in the narrative because they are invited to imagine the described ideas instead of providing visual effects like TV commercials. In turn, they participate in the content in different ways.

Sell ​​your product to apple

From a brand perspective, audio is exciting because of the creativity it allows. There are many ways to create a strong identity: Narrative style, music clips and podcast clips all provide space for developing your brand personalityThere are many different ways to sell your products through audio, from company-branded podcasts to having affiliates sell your products through their podcasts. Let us explain the different options available to sell your products through podcasts so you can decide what is right for you!

Sell ​​your products through podcasts

1. Branded Podcasts

Branded podcasts are an ideal way to sell your brand as a concept and product. why?Well, considering it needs on average Consumers hear the news 25 to 30 times Before they continue to participate, One-to-one audio allows you to quickly establish a deep connection with the audience – This is not possible with a 30-second TV commercial. Therefore, this marketing method has a better conversion rate in terms of turning observers into consumers.

The advantages of branded podcasts are twofold: No need to pay for external advertising, your creative team can develop your podcast style as much as you want! There are some good examples in the current market, and these companies are crushing the industry. Starbucks As one of them, their podcast Upper class, Is a collection of stories about ordinary people, doing amazing things and creating positive changes-the smart part? Big brands are immediately associated with active social causes.

2. “Supply and Demand” Podcast

“Supply and demand” podcasts are the perfect way to sell products, whether they are physical products or information products. If you know what your customers like, you have the ability to develop podcasts around topics specific to their interests. Let’s draw a picture. Suppose you run an email marketing company that focuses on design, and use your knowledge to create a podcast to fill in the gaps in the market, for example, to provide digital marketing advice to interior designers-as so, you Use this podcast to promote your products.

Let affiliates sell your products

Through the “supply and demand” podcast, it is even possible to sell affiliate products (You don’t compete with it) This will help you build strong connections throughout the industry. Affiliate marketing is an extremely important way to create cooperation in the current market This helps push your brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

3. Become a podcast guest

Another effective way to get your company’s attention is to be a guest on someone’s podcast.

The benefits of being a podcast guest

As a podcast guest You have the opportunity to promote yourself and your brand and be seen as an authority in your industry And you don’t have to invest the time needed for podcasting. You can also use your location to mention where to buy your product, always make sure not to sound too sales, as long as you are fully prepared for the interview, you have a chance to really shine!

How to become a podcast guest

How to become a podcast guest

In order to register yourself as a podcast guest, you need to spend some time researching podcasts and contacting podcast producers. First find the podcasts that your current or target consumers are listening to And choose topics that match your brand. To give you some inspiration for getting started, you can search for keywords in iTunes, browse Apple’s iTunes podcast catalog by category, view Google podcast topics, or use an online podcast catalog. A list of about 5 to 10 podcasts is a good starting point, and once you have a list, you can market yourself to the producer as your ideal guest!

Once you have determined how to reach consumers, you need to consider the mechanism for how to sell your product. For convenience, we divide the options into two categories, one is the sale of physical products, and the other is the sale of services or information.

Physical product

Generally speaking, For physical products, it makes sense to rely on a sales platform Because you will be able to take advantage of the feedback section and reach a wider audience (people who will not necessarily listen to your podcast but will see the comments of those who have heard it!). Selling your products through Amazon has great advantages, first of all its influence as a global brand, and you don’t have to publish your products (which is done directly by Amazon). For other creative industries, there are other platforms, such as Etsy, where sellers are responsible for publishing products.

Sell ​​your products to Amazon

Information Products

If you are selling courses or content to download, then Sell ​​directly from your website, so avoid paying any fees. In your podcast, you can direct listeners to login page They will find more information about your products there, and you can also use this information for social promotions.

Use chapters on your podcast

Top post! Podcasts are a great way to promote product discount codes and make them truly stand out. Create chapters in your episode. By dividing your promotion into several chapters, you can provide your audience with visual clues and invite them to interact directly with your product. In order to allow yourself to set up chapters, Read our guide to creating accessible podcasts.

in conclusion

With it, the audio world is your oyster, and there are many options to ensure that you reach your target consumers. Depending on how much time you have to invest, you can find something that suits you and your brand. Use this article to discover the power to profit from your passion!

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