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Wow. What can you say about our current situation? Where do you start and how do you start? All over the world, we are experiencing the same unprecedented challenges and changes. It is difficult to figure out what to do, how to help, and how not to go crazy.

March 15
We have launched a program to provide unlimited podcast resources for everyone who wants to podcast about their life/life experiences in COVID so that they can do so. We thought, “Hey, we are in the communication business, and communication has never been more important.” Therefore, we launched #PODCASTINGCOVID, aiming to provide a way for anyone and everyone who needs a platform to update the world and its community in these times The way.
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What do you do? What should you talk about? anything!
At times like this, anything will help. Whether you are venting your grievances or just listening to other people’s similar experiences, you can be part of this global conversation.

Do not think too much!
We found that, in general, the best podcasts, especially podcasts of this kind of virus, are those that are not scripted and sent from the heart.

Here are some ideas we think will make a huge contribution to #PODCASTINGCOVID!

Tell us how you deal with the quarantine

Many people experience isolation for the first time and deal with it in various ways. Are there any new hobbies? When does the plan end? Watching or listening to any content you want to recommend? Paralyzed by depression? Regardless of whether you are coping properly or not, sharing what you are doing to pass the time and what you are experiencing is very helpful. For you and your audience. What are the ups and downs of your day, and how great is it when the kids finally fall asleep? I can’t seem to get rid of that family member! Have you developed some strange pet temperaments? Do you sometimes wish to isolate yourself by yourself? Or you are alone now and want you to be isolated from others. How do you maintain personal hygiene and beauty? How did you get that hairstyle?

Tell us how your grocery shopping experience is
Yes, you can have a complete show, just let people know the status of your grocery store! Podcasts are very suitable for specific situations. Line/waiting time status, best departure time, who turns on and off, who is where, where, general best practices you have seen or used; all these points are now very important and can greatly help your area People.

News update
Many people, even more young people, do not watch the news all day. People miss a lot of things because they are afraid of the news or do not believe in news figures. Providing updates is a great way to start helping people quickly.

How has COVID affected your work?
Businesses and cities all over the world have closed, causing millions of people to lose their jobs or be partially employed. Millions of people are fortunate enough to work from home, and millions of people are on the front lines every day, fighting this matter face to face. All situations are unique, and everyone can benefit from hearing how you deal with your situation, how the situation changes, and advice to people in similar situations. We strongly urge you in the frontline medical field to share your stories and views on the entire experience. We are very grateful to everyone.

Tell us stories or share your talents
Distraction and laughter are great ways to help pass the time in isolation. Do you think you are a comedian? Now is your chance! Music or signature? Poetry or writing? Read us some of your works! You don’t need to be a reporter or a spreader of bad news to start podcasting now. Telling your life or the stories you hear is a tradition that humans have retained for thousands of years for some reason! This is how we put ourselves into consideration for others, learn life lessons, and spread the knowledge we have acquired. The best part is that they don’t even have to be real! Make up any dazzling story you like; take us somewhere else for a while. If a caveman can do it, so can you!

We are all TV and movie critics now
Who doesn’t watch it crazy now? This is a great opportunity to recommend shows and movies that you have always loved, or cruelly criticize shows and movies that you cannot bear! When Netflix doesn’t allow you to rate it, start a podcast.

One of our favorites; Multicast!
Are you locked up with your family or roommates? Put them together, add some adult drinks in appropriate places, and let it rip! Everyone can speak freely and freely! This can even be therapeutic sometimes, but just in case, keep knives and sharp objects out of reach, and remember, podcast responsibly! I can assure you that it will be fun. Please send an email to

Combine all these themes into one show!
Podcasts are usually niche, but there is no wrong way for podcasts. Treat each of these themes as a segment of your episode. Spreading information and incorporating entertainment is the best way to get people involved, because you need to fully understand this. You also don’t have to have professional editing knowledge or transition. Let’s start talking about other things! Podcast listeners like some production value, but we also like regular conversations.

We hope this can give you some help and inspiration, so that your voice and story can be contributed to the world that needs it. No matter what you decide to do with your podcast, know that people will find it, they will listen, and it will help in some way. Please continue to communicate and find ways to support each other. We will get through it.

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