idobi and AdsWizz sign an exclusive agreement on monetization

AdsWizz, a global leader in digital audio and podcast technology solutions, and idobi Network, the Internet’s number one alternative music network, Announce Expand their current agreement to make AdsWizz the exclusive global monetization provider for advertisers seeking to reach idobi’s highly engaged audience in major markets including the United States and Europe.

Building on a successful existing relationship, this extended agreement designates AdsWizz as the sole monetization provider for all inventory of idobi. Buyers can access idobi’s inventory through AdsWizz Marketplace, which is a global exchange that enables publishers and advertisers to easily process audio ads programmatically.

Through the AdsWizz market, advertisers will be able to reach idobi’s unique global trend maker audiences, which are 13-34 year-olds, equally divided between men and women. idobi is a passport to the alternative music world, including three fan favorite streaming stations, focusing on alternative rock, heavy and independent genres. The idobi studio enhances music with resonant content and has produced more than 20 podcasts that specifically target alternative music and entertainment lifestyles and communities that inspire such lifestyles.

“Since 1999, idobi has cultivated an international community in the alternative music world. At that time, the Internet was more than just music: idobi is now a way of life. Eddie Barella, chief operating officer and project director of idobi, said: “We Established a sustained and beneficial relationship with the AdsWizz team, they continue to innovate the audio advertising technology field, and we look forward to expanding opportunities and growth through this new era of our relationship. “

“This expanded agreement will allow us to maximize the monetization of idobi’s valuable inventory and do it for them globally. We are very pleased to continue in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Brazil. Work with them,” said Anne Frisbie, Senior Vice President of Global Supply and Cooperation at AdsWizz.

The relationship between idobi and AdsWizz further strengthens AdsWizz’s position as the preferred advertising technology provider for podcasting and digital audio publishers in the United States and Europe. AdsWizz’s extensive technology and services enable publishers to effectively monetize all their audio content—whether they sell their inventory themselves or outsource such sales—and make it easy for brands and agencies to access this content.

Globally, AdsWizz Marketplace provides more than 9 billion available impressions and connects to more than 80 million unique users every month. Adding idobi content to AdsWizz Marketplace will enrich and expand the current products in the market, helping to simplify the overall ad buying and selling process for publishers and advertisers. In addition, audio buyers can reach audiences in a more personalized way through rich audience targeting (such as geography, device type, genre, language, weather, demographics, behavioral segmentation, etc.).

AdsWizz and its regional sales representatives are proud to represent this popular alternative music inventory. Advertisers can now use idobi content to connect with new audiences around the world in AdsWizz Marketplace, including countries/regions such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia, France, Thailand, and Spain.

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