Important tips for using Instagram to push broadcasters

Creating compelling content for your podcast should always be your main driving force, but never forget the importance of social media, which is a basic strategy to increase your audience We want to provide you with the tools to develop a strategy to specifically promote your podcast on Instagram!

Users are changing, attention spans are decreasing, and more and more people are accessing their content via mobile devices-which is why establishing another touchpoint with your audience will only help you and your podcast.

RiseLet’s take a look How to use Instagram to promote And how to make the most of its (and your) capabilities.

How to get attention through your resume

This is the first thing any potential podcast fan will see/read about you and your podcast, you only have 150 characters to interest them.

So how do you Use your CV to promote on Instagram, In a smart way? apart from Is to summarize what you think – You should also provide users with a link to your podcast here (to increase traffic to your podcast) and a unique hashtag for your program (to help your searchability).our Best advice Yes: use Kind of Shorten your episode link and get some basic analysis or usage Provide users with a link that will direct them to each platform, your newsletter, and website where your podcast is located.

with, Remember to update the link every time you upload a new episode, So your followers will know to keep checking for new content.

Have a unique content sound

When users quickly scroll through your page to see if something catches their eye, your little square is a tool to stop them from moving forward. But how do you get them to open a post and see what you are talking about?

One technique used by many experienced podcasters is Publish upcoming episodes and supporting audio quotes. For your audience, it helps create excitement by giving them an exclusive snippet. For you, it allows you to visually convey the topics and topics you discuss, and is another way to reaffirm your brand.

Plus, it’s also a great way to expand your reach—guest followers mean you can connect with listeners who don’t normally meet your sure Tag your guests in any post And provide them with ready-made posts so that they can post on their page.In order to get extra coverage, make sure you Add a lot of Instagram Friendly label. Instagram is ideal for promotion using hashtags– Use guest’s names, topics that may be of interest to the audience – anything you think will make your podcast easier to search.

If you want some inspiration for podcasts that are good at using quotes, check out the following three pages: BBC radio host Fearne Cotton , Astrology And podcasts The art of glamour.

Interact with your audience through Instagram stories

If you want to know why it is worth spending time on something that only exists in the ether for 24 hours-think again! A story is a fresh and engaging way of announcing new content or instant news to your followers, and also has an audience, More than 1/3 of users use Stories regularly, and 70% of users watch them with the sound turned on. However, we want to emphasize that it is not the right medium to showcase major news such as the new season’s release-you want it to appear in your feeds, and you can find it for a long time.

What are the advantages of Stories?Using it correctly will give you Interact with the audience through direct comments and questions, and increase audience participation by adding polls, which is also a space for marking guests!This is also If you publish via Spotify, it’s very easy to share your podcast, But the real advantage is that if your show has more than 10,000 fans, you can add a CTA to swipe up and listen to your show.

When creating a story, what options do you have? You can create SlideShare or video. SlideShare is a series of “static” posts of still images-it is a convenient way to provide your audience with tutorials, useful information, or break down your content.A quick way to ensure that your content always matches the brand is to create A template, Let you start our Designer created This One Feel free to use it or just give you some ideas for getting started!

Promote your podcast on Instagram The video is more personalized and allows you to provide followers with behind-the-scenes views and sneaky peaks during interviews! Once you have your story, we recommend Create a highlight playlist – If you have time to do this, this is a very smart move, because it means you can package your content into an easy-to-understand playlist for your followers to use.

Use Instagram ads to target your followers

Want to know how to create an ad on Instagram?youSinging your story is a great way to buy and post ads. By purchasing advertising space, you can use short video clips to promote your podcast. All you need is a Facebook account, an allocated budget, and some market research to better target your audience.

Be a man with IGTV

Unlike Stories, IGTV allows you Create longer, more in-depth videos up to an hour to communicate with your audience. These are portrait videos (not YouTube’s landscape format) and they are streaming channels designed for mobile users. Available to all Instagram users, you just need to click on the small TV icon above the story to get started.

Want to know what to post here? IGTV is a channel that shows you and your podcast one-on-one to the audience-treat it like Facebook Live. Informative but relaxed, talk about you, your podcast, how it came about, but most importantly-be yourself. If you look approachable, your audience will like it. Also-remember to try and include the CTA and continue to send these followers to your latest episode.

Make your feed unique

The last and most important part: the visual beauty of your account. Your Instagram feed is the visual voice of your podcast. In addition to using it strategically for marketing purposes, you also need to make it aesthetically pleasing to your followers on a “basic” level.

Create branded content—whether it’s vibrant, elegant or interesting, curate it so that people want to know what your next step is, and most importantly—give it your own style. You need to imagine that if someone sees a post without knowing who posted it, users will be able to immediately recognize it only from your unique style.

Mix video, audio and still images – If it’s not “Gram-friendly”, you can even link to longer content –(
This is a super simple explanation on how to post a video link on Instagram). Want to see the podcast is already pinning it? The art of glamour Do it perfectly.

You have it. This is our guide to using Instagram to promote your podcast. After placing the content in the desired location, don’t forget to embed your Instagram account on your website or podcast website.

Of course, we can write more pages, which just touch the topic, but I hope you will be more confident in handling the media after reading this article.

Good luck and happy’gramming!

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