Increase your podcast audience?Try these 8 tips

So you came up with a great podcast idea, and you need some skills to get it up, running, and listening. Or maybe you have acquired a group of loving listeners who will accompany you through peaks, troughs, and changes in content, but you feel that the time for podcasting games is ripe.

One thing is certain, a good vocal story requires good listening.

Increasing your podcast audience is something you should do on a regular basis, investing as much time and enthusiasm as you in producing and recording each of your podcasts.
But what do you do? Whether you are a DIY podcasting beginner or a mature professional, we will provide you with 8 handy tips to increase your podcast audience.
Before you dive into them, here is a must-read note for entrepreneurial podcasts: Make sure you really know Which story do you want to tell Who is your ideal audience in your podcast. No promotion can make up for bad content or lack of audience matching.

Ready to expand your podcast audience? let us begin!

Mastering the basics is the key to getting more podcast listeners. Redouble your efforts at the very beginning of your promotional strategy, which will pave the way for amazing long-term gains. Consider posting events, email contacts, and social media, and set clear goals.

Tip 1-Focus on publishing

If you want to attract more listeners, a good release is crucial-and an important emotional boost 🚀

Publishing is not just about reaching as many people as possible: it is about reaching as many people as possible that may find your topic relevant. This is why relying on previously established audiences can help a lot. Consider running an official countdown on your digital channel to attract the right people before you actually publish, and then set your podcast launch day as a digital event, whether it’s a Facebook live broadcast, Instagram story, or an exclusive extra episode as a gift Download all the gifts of your audience-get creative!

If you have already launched it, it doesn’t mean that you can’t think of events to attract more audience participation, more sharing, and ultimately attract new podcast listeners from the audience circle.

Tip 2-Email is your friend

E-mail is the foundation because it is a place to build closer contacts. If people allow you to use their email, they will also open up to you and your podcast. It’s a good idea to start building your email list before the podcast is released: this way you can let your contacts know that you are streaming.

The best way to continue collecting contacts throughout the podcast is to create a Opt in to the landing page, Like This one. This is a web page that explains to your current and potential podcast listeners why they should receive your news in their inbox and then have the opportunity to sign up. Postman It is a great tool for easily building lists.

People are important Consent spontaneously, a) because you will know that they are really interested, b) because it will give you more, c) purely for legal reasons-you cannot send spam to people💣

Make a short and enticing summary of each episode, preview the upcoming episode, and politely ask for ratings and comments on the Apple Podcast. Although it will be faster to use email templates, please try to customize the email to the receiving end.

Make sure you have the opportunity to share emails with friends-this is an extra tip to attract new, active listeners to your podcast.

Regardless of whether you have opted in to the list, please send an email People you know If you know they are interested in your podcast topic and send an email, then in person Pioneers and influencers Ask them for advice and share some episodes with their network-who knows, they might be your next podcast guest!

Tip 3-Engage your audience on social media

Tailor your email as much as possible, taking care of your social media can help you get a PodThe cast is getting attention on a larger scale, To promote those much-needed downloads and comments!

Spreaker offers you a lot of help When posting your content on social media, Practical automatic sharing function It will automatically post updates to your Facebook page and Twitter account, embed your podcast link in a clickable Twitter card, which contains your work, the latest episode and the previous episode. Spreaker automatic sharing can also perform miracles on SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube – The latter provides automatic transcripts to maximize search engine friendliness and provides videos for reposting on other social media.

Automatically shared by the speaker on twitter

Another trick to make your podcast episodes heard is to do your copywriting.

Every social media post should contain your unique insights into why people should listen to the episode and ultimately the entire podcast.

Create a unique hashtag for your podcast and use it consistently, while leveraging the power of hashtags related to the topic. Never be afraid to politely ask for comments and downloads!As for graphics, try to pick some memorable quotes from your episodes and use free tools to convert them into social media designs, such as canvas, Pablo of the buffer zone or Adobe spark.

How to improve your podcast, follow these 8 tips

We also recommend You invest a little budget Use social media ads to promote your new podcast episodes to increase impressions and ultimately increase podcast sessions, downloads, and subscriptions.

Tip 4-Stand where your audience is

Now that you have established your own podcast marketing channel (yes!), it’s time to consider the time your potential listeners spend online and offline, for example Subject-specific groups, reddit, forums and even Quora. Go beyond the broad category of “podcast listeners” and delve into your own subject, whether it’s technology, music, or friendship. After all, as a subject matter expert, you will also find yourself in most of these physical and digital spaces.

Tip 5-Submit to podcatchers

Now here is one Low maintenance tips Let your podcasts be heard: The web is flooded with apps that play podcasts, called podcasts.Although the iOS podcatcher may be the most popular one, there are more, such as and Stitcher, cloudy, circuit breaker, PodcastLand, Podcast subreddit,of course, Spreaker Podcast Radio app Available for iOS and Android.

Publish, share, and prosper!How to improve your podcast, follow these 8 tips

Since your podcasts are ubiquitous and you are sure that you have the tools to build relationships with new and old audiences, why not try to attract more podcast subscribers through some tricks and actions that will also increase your potential audience The popularity of partners?

Tip 6-Transcribe your audio

If your podcast is made for listening, why transcribe your audio?Well, the reason transcription helps you expand your audience​​is each Transcripts help your podcast’s overall ranking in search engines, Making it easy to find for people who are actively searching for content like you.Don’t be afraid, no need to spend hours doing DIY transcription: there are many tools that can do it for you, such as Scribe.

Tip 7-Prepare your media kit

The Podcast Media Toolkit will help people tell the story about your podcast in the most relevant and realistic way. This is almost a way to truly master the way you communicate with podcasts, positioning you as a truly professional podcast brand.

Provide your media kit as much as possible and send it proactively To influencers, publications, and groups who can report on your podcast story. The complete media kit will include:

  • podcast title, Title (if any) and link
  • Short podcast and long podcast Description Copy/paste
  • podcast trademark And other visual materials
  • team biological And photos
  • Podcast ideas and story
  • Featured your top podcasts plot

Get rich It is a good example because it provides the media with simple links, customized content, brand guidelines, and audiovisual materials to support communication.

Tip 8-Mention partners and invite guests

When your marketing is based on real relationships, magic happens. If you mention other podcasts and businesses in your podcasts, or invite them to be your guests, you will be able to take advantage of each other’s audience, which is a win-win situation for helping you to get new listeners. Here are a few ways:

  • Mention partners, Tag them and notify them via email, start a conversation for future cooperation
  • When you are mentioned, Thank you publicly, start discussing future cooperation, and share mentions on your marketing channels
  • Invite podcasts or companies to be guests Or be a guest to build relationships and super interesting content for them

Of course, this requires sending emails, some social media posts and stories to your database, and communicating with your media contacts!

Ready to promote your podcast?

We want you to achieve the best results in podcasting development-you need to work hard to understand these techniques to attract more listeners, but it will pay off!There are many podcast communities ready to help you grow into a podcast, such as Facebook groups, such as Podcast campaign, Podcast Support Group , with Her podcast, The Slack community like #podcast, Podcast tips with Pros of podcasting, Or apple Make a podcast community.

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