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Happy Thanksgiving Day! We thank our supporters and more than 500 new subscribers so far this month, including people from Podimo, Novel, Samsung, Wonderry, Acast, Veritone, Spotify, Squarespace and BBC.

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WR1 and Chris Carter

exist blue lineLimited series WR1 Provided by WynnBet, the legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter interviewed the legendary WR location and the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this location so unique because so many personalities and stories come from outside the hashtag. Guests include Julian Edelman, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Calvin Johnson, etc.
Now, then, ten

Dr. Jane Goodall is the first guest of the second season Now, then, ten, The leadership podcast of Facebook IQ. It is chaired by Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President of Meta Global Business Group. It was launched yesterday.
Muslims under the podcast

Muslims under the podcast Is a new podcast designed to let the community learn more about Islam and Muslims-whether in Australia or elsewhere. The group is known for its free “coffee and Islam” service in all major cities in Australia.
Drink Adventure-James Atkinson's wine, beer, whiskey, gin, etc.

Raise wine glass Drink adventure Who won the wine industry award for “Best Wine Blog or Podcast”. James Atkinson, the host of independent podcasts, said, “It is gratifying that podcasts are recognized.” The show recently included a documentary about the legendary American Australian brewer Chuck Hahn. —— read more
My own worst enemy: podcasts

My own worst enemy: podcasts Look at how and why songs like “My Own Worst Enemy” are permanently integrated into pop culture consciousness. In the course of the four episodes, it explores the dominance of the song at the time, the analysis of a hit song, the ups and downs of the career of the band that wrote the song, Lit and how it is permanently embedded in American pop culture. It is produced by Osiris.
Modern west

This is Native American History Month in the United States, and Modern west Medicine is being studied through a three-part series. Shall Furnish Medicine studied how tribes responded to covid-19—in some cases, better than local governments. The full season is now open, with indigenous guests Savannah Maher and Tyra Stagner hosted by Melodie Edwards.
get off

get off, A podcast from the Omega Institute, returns for the third season. Emmy Award-winning producer and Omega Digital Media Director Cali Alpert (Cali Alpert) sat down to have an intimate conversation with some of Omega’s pioneering spiritual mentors, thought leaders and social visionaries. —— read more

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