Inside Information November 19, 2021-Is the audio viral or is it a transcript?

This will be a big question about the impact of podcasts. I will not waste time.

Challenges from provocative pod quotes

2016, Actress Tippy Hedron accused Alfred Hitchcock of sexual assault.So why do people Talk about it now? Because Dakota Johnson (the granddaughter of Heidlen, Fifty shades of gray reputation) Proposed In the most recent episode Awards chatterFrom the podcast this Hollywood reportFortunately, most of the articles seem to be more similar and accurate description of what she said, but because of something happened suddenly buzzing Somewhere in the 80-minute audio file, I want to know how many people have actually heard of it.

When sharing quotes on podcasts, I usually feel very upset because these words are often Pass without original audio This can verify that everything happened as described.This is contrary to the related article paper or TV show, Usually embedded text or visual effects that readers can see with their own eyes. To be fair, I understand why people take creative freedom when accessing podcast content: Podcasts are long, and long-form media are more difficult to spread than TikTok or tweets. What I’m not willing to explain is that when podcasts cause a sensation, the original audio may not even be around… Spotify allows you to link to precise points in the podcast-better than able Embed Those clips, but I will accept it—but I can’t think of a time when I actually clicked on a link that took me there. It feels very irresponsible. Quoting the audio but not providing it means that the reader will have to (but probably won’t) spend a long time searching for it to hear it directly.

Audio is essentially an intangible medium. If this is the goal, then it requires patience and skill to make it easy to scan or quickly digest; as a former producer, I fully understand it. I would love to see—ideally, assuming, if the gods would have it—more resources dedicated to figuring out how to handle and spread the headlines. This is a different game!Steps and final product should It looks different from the visual media. I am very happy to see if/how the audio approach has changed.

Now, I will introduce you to some exceptions to the no audio trend.when Aaron Rogers with Joe Logan Abandon the dangerous shots about vaccines. It happens on video podcasts, which are everywhere and embedded in tweets and articles. (It turns out that this is an option Hollywood report Have been interviewing! This is a live podcast recording!Have a Video version! ) Even if they have less framework for what Their The final product should look like the team is ring Carefully tailored and exported a lot of offensive podcast quotes article Eventually lead to Mike Richards’ resignation/fired Danger! I will argue that this is what makes the deletion so impeccable. You can’t refute it because it’s there, and every quotation can be played as you progress in the story. Goodbye, Mike. (with Thank you, Isaiah.)

Friendly swap becomes a company, Babe

A sort of New database The launch from Muck Rack is to support the historical amorphous strategy of letting podcast hosts talk about your product or work just because they want to talk about it. If you want to sell ads on podcasts, it’s even simpler: there are services that can help you find the right show for your budget, product audience, etc. But when a person voluntarily advertises your product, what about that good “winning media”? Shows/publications, or did you negotiate cameos on each other’s shows? How do you find the right podcast for this? These are legitimate questions I have heard from people all the time, and now paying Muck Rack customers can use this database to answer these questions. It aggregates information such as the recent guests of the show and the tweets issued by the show.

Things packaged specifically for PR purposes are neat and fun. Shamelessly pursue recognition! Develop a strategy from it!I was serious Yes Called winning media-no, for example, Bestow The media-but I always associate this sentence with a gentler way: you have done some cool things, and you have “won” my attention. I think another explanation is that if you work hard enough, the media is “earned.” This is a world where pods eat pods; I’m not here to deny it.

The radio is still playing…very good

You may have seen Spoken audio report Last week from Edison Research/National Public Media, but I want to draw your attention to two things.

First of all, AM/FM radio plays almost as much as all other non-music audio merge. That is wild. Yes, the radio listening rate has dropped. In fact, it has dropped a lot from 79% of all spoken words heard in 2014, after which it began to be crowded out by podcasts and audiobooks. But it is still 48%. Clubhouse & co emphasizes that people welcome the live audio mode; it is obvious that, despite this, there are still some good radio stations that have no bells and whistles that arouse people’s interest.

Secondly, Tom Webster, Edison’s senior vice president, has a communication, And on Friday, He dug Given that the time spent listening to spoken language is time, some other discoveries have meaning to music no Spend listening to music. (The total listening time did not increase accordingly.) TL;DR = It is really difficult to be a musician. The modern music discovery mode is not good for you, just like the radio debut mode of the past. This becomes more difficult because Spotify is incentivized to let fewer users stream music (thus paying less royalties to artists) and more people stream podcasts (and their ads). This is a good read.

Okay, now I’m going to “move” because I can and it’s important

Every day, the audio staff gain more influence, so when they change jobs, this may be a kind of flexibility for their new organization (and can ask questions about the organization they left behind). Jasmine Aguilera, Just joined That cut Earlier this year, had already left, scheduled Began to be the head of audio for Los Angeles Times. Data Director of ART19 Chad Hollow Yes leave the company It’s nothing more than Apple. Irene Noguchi Has resigned from the position of head of audio politics, Transition to executive producer of New York Times‘Opinion Audio team (already Welcome Lulu Garcia-Navarro In September).And just a few days ago, another member political Audio team, Jeremy Seagal, Announced that he will move to WGBH, Boston Public Radio. What I want to say is: IN-trist-ing. If you have more to say, you know where to find me.

This is a mixed bag of other things that happened

  • Lipson cooperating Work with Samsung to pre-load its programs on the mobile app Samsung Free. (Yes, Acaster Did the same thing last week. )
  • Media access, An educational audio course platform, touted by its co-founders as “exists between social audio (mainly short-lived and non-monetizable) and podcasts and audiobooks, the latter being much more labor-intensive.”
  • CNN released a…”Show broadcast? ” it is Anthony Bourdain: Partially unknown As it was originally broadcast, but only audio. IMO, the theme song itself sounds silly.

That’s it, guys. careful.

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