Insider October 1, 2021-Why is SmartLess more valuable than TMZ?

Hello everyone. On this sunny Friday, Aria is here. It’s October, and you may all be doing some creepy things, so here are some things to chew before you go.

Why is Less intelligence Is it more valuable than TMZ?

Don Fox Recently acquired TMZ 50 million US dollars, the person who broke the news—— Hollywood reportAlex Weprin (Alex Weprin)-by comparing it with “higher-priced niche podcasts” to emphasize how low the price is.Although I will not necessarily describe Joe Logan experience, Armchair expert, or Call her father As a niche market, Weprin has reason to point out their surprisingly high price tags: How can the temporary rights of a single podcast be more valuable than a 16-year-old celebrity gossip organization?

Less intelligence According to Lucas Shaw, this is the most recent podcast that exceeded the price of TMZ. Amazon agreed to pay US$20 to US$26 million per year for three years. Report as Bloomberg. This is the latest in a series of large budget transactions after Spotify paid Joe Rogan $100 million reported By May 2020, this is a big leap from the two-year, $10 million transaction between the two parties. My favorite murder And EW Scripps Previous year.

Why the high price tag Less intelligence? The enthusiasm of advertisers, Shaw suggests. Although the podcast was only launched last summer, it was hosted by Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. They have a good relationship and seem very excited to be there, and the show has not yet started. Any shameful things happen in the conversation. Xiao said that it is very attractive to potential sponsors.

“I think Less intelligence It’s a great show for advertisers,” Shaw told me. “These three celebrities are just joking with people they like and their friends,” which makes “it’s unlikely to be any trouble for advertisers. ”

I reached out to six people Less intelligence Sponsors asked why they participated in this show, but no one wanted to speak.Even so, one can still see its appeal: although Less intelligence Yes To please Fred Armison for his contribution to SNL, TMZ is breaking the news about the suspected affair. “TMZ is a bit tricky because they focus on the types of news that I think are… difficult to monetize,” Shaw said. “Their output is not the most suitable for advertising.”

this Less intelligence This transaction provides Amazon with a week to release episodes, and then to other places, as well as priority subscription rights for future projects. Crucially, it also allows Amazon to fully control the advertising sales of the show.Of course, this gives Amazon the opportunity to insert any of its own products and services, but it also assumes that the advertising space is Less intelligence Will generate a penny: AdvertiseCast pegs the average cost-per-thousand impressions $18 30-second podcast ad, and social media display ads Seems to bring less than half of Every thousand impressions, Shaw reports Less intelligence As there is Millions of listeners At the time of the transaction. This means that Amazon’s bet-that the revenue of the big advertisers will exceed any potential losses caused by the loss of exclusivity-may be very reliable.

May not actually matter Less intelligence Not as shameful as TMZ. Joe Logan experience Also very provocative, and ZipRecruiter still advertises on that show, As it does Less intelligenceThe idea for Amazon’s investment is that it can take advantage of the advertising market hyped by podcasts, and, as Shaw puts it, “the number has been rising because no matter who is shopping, it wants to surpass previous deals.”

“There is a huge snatch for podcasts and more general content—called the Netflix effect,” said Scott Ehrlich, a corporate partner and head of mergers and acquisitions at the law firm. Sklars. Ehrlich helped promote, among other things, SiriusXM acquired a 99% stake in Invisible Inc., and he said the deal did not surprise him. “In that case, Sirius, they want to be a one-stop shop to justify their subscription. I say this as a Sirius subscriber. I am very happy that my dollars are getting more.”

When looking at recent transactions, such as Amazon and Less intelligence, He said, “I’m not sure whether the valuations of these podcasts are tied to traditional metrics.”

“Amazon is not playing for real money now,” he added. “I think this is a land grab. They are building for the future.”

Post note: The jury still doesn’t know what advertisers might think of TMZ’s new podcast, Launched on Wednesday.

Then there are some strange related news this Friday:

There are two main ways to consider how this aligns with the larger trend. The first is that it will not be unprecedented.Agency likes Philadelphia Inquirer Is already operated by a non-profit organization, and Some have changed from for-profit status to themselves. if Sun Times Self-improvement-thus allowing people to support it through tax-free donations-is consistent with other traditional newspapers.

The second is that an audio-first company has acquired written text publications, and it feels consistent with Less intelligence Stories about: the valuation of podcasts and prints. Will audio save the day?It seems so When anonymous donors fund the WNYC acquisition Gotham Pie And not just, you know, give money to Gotham Pie; Acquired public broadcasting stations KPCC and WAMU Gotham PieThe sister sites in the transaction hope that these three stations can “expand their digital footprint.” I will follow the transition in Chicago; if you know anything, you can contact me at

  • Again, on the topic of audio and advertising revenue: the launch of hosting and monetization platform Acast Advertising campaign Podcasts talk about their favorite shows. People will not explicitly tout the ability to buy advertisements for the above-mentioned programs, but some people think that this is achieved through the execution of ad campaigns placed by podcast advertisements. How anchored they are.

As part of Spotify’s own efforts to recruit more advertisers, Ashley mentioned on Tuesday, The company also put an advertisement… to try to sell advertisements.inside One-minute live, People walking in the city drown out the surrounding noise by listening to music or podcasts on Spotify, at which point they become the “most immersive audience.” The ad insists that these are the people the brand should try to reach, but I don’t know-when a person opens the app, a bubble pops up around them and isolates them from their surroundings, because we are still in a pandemic, The feeling of being cut off is a bit blunt.

  • The relevance is low, but in order to make Clubhouse feel more like a podcast, the company announced the long-awaited in-app recording feature. As Ashley reported yesterdayWhen the feature is launched in October, creators and moderators will be able to record public rooms, while other users will be able to retroactively capture 30-second audio chunks in allowed rooms, which they can share or download for free. Ashley pointed out that, combined with the upcoming search tool, this ostensibly will “solve some of Clubhouse’s key issues: the desire to discover and re-examine conversations that have already taken place.” You know, it’s like podcasts.

We will be back in 93 hours. happy weekend.

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