Insider October 14, 2021-Finding the secret of the emerging audio market

Thursday. what a wonderful day. The weather in New York this week was very gloomy, although it was quite warm, and today is our first sunny moment in some time. I feel great. Obviously, my Thursday Insiders will let me participate in weather updates. This is how we scroll! Today was crowded again, first with an interview with Acast CEO Ross Adams, and then we entered the mix of social audio and podcasting. Let’s jump in.


Exclusive: Acast CEO Ross Adams talks about podcasting trends and what makes the market stand out

A few weeks ago I chatted with Acast CEO Ross Adams, because Acast often appears in my reports and I have problems. Acast is a hosting and monetization platform in Sweden, and it also happens to have a listening app, which will be listed this summer; has been signing agreements to host and profit from various networks and programs; established its own subscription platform (beta); according to It is reported that it cooperates very well with Spotify and its open access technology. We have a lot to dig out, but in order to save time, I chose some selected quotes that I think are insightful. We like these quotes very much.If you want to read a more complete chat, I will include it here,exist Hot pods website.

The most interesting thing for me is that Acast is paying attention to local broadcasts for clues in the audio market. We have seen the promotion of live social audio in the United States, but there are bigger signs, at least for Adams, that the market may want more podcast content that has nothing to do with their participation in various audio features. On the contrary: “The first sign is that broadcasters are starting to really focus on releasing many programs on demand. This is the first trigger, and then you start to see some independents emerging from nowhere.”

Another interesting thing: Although Acast has been announced as a partner of Spotify’s open access technology, which will allow podcasters of the service to distribute their paid podcasts there, Adams said that the company is currently only “investigating” this and cannot Provide any updates. I am not sure about this, but it does make me wonder how partners are committed to achieving open access.

In terms of trends he has seen, he pointed out that parenting podcasts in the UK are something the team “cannot meet” to meet advertisers’ requirements. This illustrates the platform’s advantages in display development and scouting transactions. If you know what advertisers and the market want, you can go out and look for it. This is a good thing for a large platform with a lot of data, but it is a bad thing for independent developers trying to take advantage of it.

Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you read, And I continue to learn more news.

RedCircle started charging for certain hosting tiers, looking for web and professional publishers

RedCircle, a company known for its free hosting services and advertising market, is changing its business (slightly).In last week’s announcement, the company Said It will start charging for certain features, starting at $9 per month. The free option still exists, and users can profit from the market and get unlimited storage space. (Podcasts must be downloaded at least 500 times a week to monetize through ad networks.) If they want personalized account access, more detailed program analysis, and revenue analysis, they need to pay.

CEO Mike Kadin provided me with some insights on his ideas and equated the introduction of the paid tier with operating like Slack or Asana. They have a lot of free users, and they will only upgrade when they become large companies or require certain features. .

“With a paid plan, we can also free up time to pursue features that are not directly in our revenue share value chain,” Kadin said. “For example, in this version, at the enterprise level, we now provide tools for podcasters to help them provide dynamic insert reports on the ads they sell. If we don’t charge, we can’t take the time to build this feature because of this. It doesn’t make economic sense for us. Therefore, adding these paid plans allows us to better serve podcasts that may have ourselves and our source of income, which allows us to provide a more comprehensive solution to the growing number of podcasts plan.”

I don’t think this marks any major shift in free hosting services-I still think hosting services will have to continue to improve their free hosting service value proposition, because large technology companies will definitely provide their server space for free. On the contrary, for me, this is just an interesting move for RedCircle. This is a popular service for independents, and now more organized networks may begin to shift.

Regarding content trading…

Stitch is here to play

Stitcher has had a busy week!First of all, it sign Last podcast on the left Used for distribution and advertising sales transactions.Then yesterday, Stitcher announced plans to bring back Bellas Podcast After the interruption and endeavor transaction.Today, Stitcher said that it will work with New Lori & MAL, Hosted show Jobden Podcast Duo. They used to be independent. (And Nick Interviewed them Ends with Vulture. ) this return Follow Stitcher resurrection For people of color, Follow the host’s time on Spotify nod. Lots of discounts! Poaching in large numbers.

Then there is the background of Seth Rogen’s new show, Story time with Seth Rogen, Launched through Earwolf, a Stitcher entity (and a show I personally have always liked), and the potential for more exclusive and possible IP sales through a priority deal with AudioUp.

We will reap the benefits this month, and I bet these moves will be screaming.I think the open question is whether to display, for example BellasIf it ends for unknown reasons, you can use Stitcher’s resources to succeed. Is it better to try to restart a show instead of restarting a new show? Presumably, the answer is yes. In fact, in addition to licensing these programs, Stitcher/Sirius also receives existing RSS feeds, where it can also promote other programs. This may be the real value.

Clubhouse meets podcasts

I have always believed that the most successful, or at least compelling, social audio users will eventually enter podcasts, and iHeart seems to be achieving this goal. The team is teaming up with comedian and former club app icon Leah Lamarr to launch a real crime show.Is called Real-time crime, Rama and her co-host Teddy Melenkamp will investigate various crimes every week. Yes, another real crime show, sorry.

Of course, they will also host programs adjacent to the clubhouse to complement the programs and possibly encourage people to participate. I really want to know if anyone has discussed hosting a show entirely on Clubhouse, especially now that local recordings are entering the app, but my guess is that coordinating multiple guests and host schedules has become too complicated. In addition, real crime shows are not necessarily suitable for live broadcasting. In any case, the point here is that iHeart goes to Clubhouse to find talent. (Seriously, iHeart, please sign Patti Stanger next!)

Twitter is looking for Spaces creators and will pay $2.5 million per month

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Creator Funding Program is the latest thing. Every technology company is launching one, because if you want people to make good things for your new content format, then spend money to solve this problem.

This week, Twitter Said The production of live audio content for Spaces requires a monthly payment of US$2,500. A few weeks ago I reported on Clubhouse’s plans and its impact. Clubhouse pays its creators US$5,000 a month and recommends matching participants with brand sponsors.You all know Did not happen If you keep reading Hot pods, And it seems that Twitter doesn’t even have sponsors to go there. Instead, it provides this cash-less than Clubhouse-and promises that creators can use a lot of promotional and advertising credits to push their program information online, especially on Twitter.

This again raises the question of what will happen at the end of the procedure. With no brand sponsors and allowances, creating a lot of free, high-quality content for Twitter or Clubhouse or any other platform is starting to become less attractive. Check back in three months and we will see how Twitter’s plan is going.

A new Apple Original podcast is coming soon

Apple is about to launch a new original podcast, and this podcast does not seem to have a TV+ agreement, at least not yet publicly available. Campside and Apple will launch Addicted, One about-I just want to cite the press release here-“The story of Tony Hathaway, his legally prescribed OxyContin-and later heroin-addiction-made him the only one without a college degree Boeing engineers earned six figures and flew around the world, becoming one of the most prolific bank robbers in U.S. history. They were hunted by the FBI and attacked 30 banks in the Seattle area within a year.”

Sounds like a good movie! Or podcast! Or both! It premiered on October 20th and will be distributed via RSS without any ads.This reminds me Siegfried and Roy Podcast Deal, Although it belongs to the TV+ team, it has not officially announced a show. In the past, Apple seemed to use companion programs to promote its streaming content at launch, but now, it seems that podcasts will appear first, then TV. Whether the visual component depends on the success of the podcast is unclear. Also, will Apple put podcasts into TV+ apps (such as HBO Max) before putting podcasts into Apple Music? Really, what would it be.


Okay, we are done!Tomorrow friday, i see dune, So I am ready to start. See you on Tuesday to learn more.

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