Insider: September 24, 2021-Pettitto and the real wave of crime

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Gabby Petito, podcasts and missing voices. In the past few weeks, the Internet has made the disappearance and death of social media character Gabby Petito its business. On the side, People posted TikTok Aggregate news updates, on the other hand, major news publications Maintained live update page, As the focus on the story grows, everyone is ostensibly feeding each other.

From the rise of real crime podcasts to people’s recent investments in Petitto, there is a straight line. Serial It set a precedent for direct involvement in suspects and trials, and many real crime shows followed suit, although they often used the now ubiquitous method to narrate the cases of the past few decades. These newer real crime shows seem to have the same reason as podcasts as a whole: they lower the barriers for non-reporters to enter the scene, weigh and even find entertainment.

The whole “love crime” thing always rubs me in the wrong way, so when I see Pre-denial They are not experts Report Petitto, I cringed.Do they want to be Sarah Koenig or are they murdererThe possibility of conflating the two is a product of the intangible nature of podcasts, and it feels full of errors and misinformation-you know, we have a problem with this.

In other words, the net impact of the relentless exposure of Petitto’s case seems to be positive. In fact, the podcasts for “reports” and “burst stories” may be too late, summarizing existing reports instead of adding potentially untrue information to them (TikTok is different And other social media, where the turnover is faster). On the surface, this will increase the number of people who follow the story, talk about it with friends, and so on.Well, as Cai Dilia pointed out for Vanity Fair, Another social media couple was able to find useful information in their own video clips after being reminded of what they should look for. The noise had an impact. But the question remains: Why pay special attention to Petito?

Petito’s large social media followers may have facilitated this process, and some believe Her identity as a young white woman Let it roll.Stephen King Agree with the unfortunate In other words, if Petito was black, the case would not receive the same attention. This is part of the trend, at least in Wyoming, Almost twice as many white victims have received media attention And called for action when they disappear, not the indigenous victims.

reporter Connie Walker Has been trying to rebalance the narrative in the podcast space, reporting the disappearance of indigenous women from an indigenous perspective, such as Spotify Original Stolen: Looking for Germaine And series Disappearance and Murder: Looking for Cleo. When I contacted Walker to understand her thoughts, she was reporting on the spot and was unable to comment when this newsletter was published, but User on Twitter already Mentor interested people Walker’s works.

The boiling podcast scene makes it era Debut. Another thing that got some news reports recently is The success of podcasts in Cuba, Launched many shows there, attracted enthusiastic audiences, and managed to avoid censorship. Although many websites continue to be restricted by government and mobile Internet access, they did not start accessing until 2018. Around that time, a professor at Northeastern University (my former employer) led journalism students to Havana, in part to learn reporting skills from local reporters, because they had conceived countless creative ways to get their voices heard. Hear it, but it won’t be censored. The clubhouse fills a similar gap For some people in Saudi Arabia and China, before Private issues In the former and Ban application In the latter. If nothing else, Cuban audio production deserves continued attention, because it has attracted people’s attention over the years-and learned solid lessons.

From update Ear noise team. Rahsaan “New York” Thomas, Co-host Ear noise As of 2019, paid Another update of trade publications current Regarding the methods used when cooperating with people in prison to produce shows. (Thomas is still in prison.)

After recording things like this before What it’s like to be “inside” During COVID, Thomas confirmed “[t]A date, Ear noise Once they are released on parole, they can hire everyone who does podcasting work in prison,” and he wants to follow in their footsteps. The first step is to get parole himself, and then negotiate whether he can continue to do the work he has been doing. Currently He can only get paid 36 dollars a month.

Thomas also pointed out that the show Unlock the handcuffs (produced in KALW And inmates in California prisons) have been removed from Ear noise Feel optimistic in more than one way, if any: Unlock the handcuffs The team hired Eric “Maserati E” Abercrombie as its sound designer. He was partly Ear noise’Sound designer Antwan “Banks” Williams (Antwan “Banks” Williams) is on parole.

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News’n’ notes

  • Subscription-based sports website Sports meeting ——It has a Number of paid podcasts, Including one made with Wondery — yes Hired a company Help it find a buyer who can meet its asking price of more than US$750 million; this happened after reports of failed negotiations Aksios with New York Times. One point of comparison is Spotify purchase ring, Which also divides sports reports into writing and audio, and Spent about 200 million U.S. dollars. although Sports meeting Bring in subscription revenue, and the proposed price is still more than 3 times ringof.
  • Apple TV Plus’ Foundation: Official Podcast Debut today, the same day as the Apple TV Plus show Base (The kind you see with your eyes).Since the latter is adapted from a series of books, the podcast host Jason Concepcion (Former host Carnival mode, Currently Crooked Media) and David S. Goyer (Base The presenter and executive producer) will explore how this adaptation came about. So… I guess when there is a book about how podcasts are made, I guess?Also, this is part of the trend Apple TV+ Companion podcast, Although this seems to have more levels of explanation than usual.
  • club Introduced its “wave” function, Which allows you to start a one-on-one audio chat-this looks a bit like Describes the functions of other applications Compete with the club. In any case, before you could only do the equivalent of interrupting the audio of a colleague in an ongoing meeting, now you can chat by the drinking fountain; just “wave” to them and wait for them to accept. You can keep it between the two of you, or you can add more participants. word.

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