Introducing the ultimate podcast bundle

We are happy to announce that we are working with Staples Connect to provide the ultimate podcast bundle for podcasts to get your podcast show started.

You only need to bring the show and leave the rest to us. From creativity to radio waves, we provide protection for you. Use this amazing package from start to finish to record, edit and share professional-quality podcasts.

So how does this podcast package work?

Well, everything starts with the microphone, to be precise, the RØDE NT-USB mini microphone. Why? Well, this special podcast microphone provides original sound quality while being compact and very easy to use. This means you can capture professional-quality programs anytime, anywhere without sacrificing quality.

When you buy your own RØDE NT-USB mini microphone at your local Staples Connect store (Please be sure to check your local Staples store to see if they have this offer), You can also redeem two registration codes We edit podcasts with trumpet.

With We Edit Podcasts, this package gives you access to advanced editing services, including up to 60 minutes of single-episode original editing as well as introduction, epilogue, multi-track synchronization, noise reduction, audio cleanup, and even volume matching for compliance.

Once you have recorded and edited your show, you need to distribute it, and this is where we come in.With the Podcast Starter Bundle, you will be able to take full advantage of all the content we offer here trumpetThis includes one-click distribution, tools that allow you to make money from podcasts, audience statistics, custom program page design, and access to major listening platforms such as iHeartRadio, Apple® Podcasts, and Spotify.

The best part?

You will save $144. The Staples Connect all-inclusive podcast starter bundle means you can get professional podcasts for only $109.

Make sure to check Your local Staples Connect store See if they offer Podcasting Starter Bundle.

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