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Podcasting is never a one-sided thing-your content is made for audiences who can listen to and participate fully. Once you click Publish, your attention will shift from your own content to those waiting for you. This includes reaching new audiences and those who have been there.

A mobile app customized for your podcast is a great way to distribute your podcast to your audience, attract them, and get them back. Although it’s important to spread your content through as many channels as possible, you don’t want your relationship with your audience to become thinner. A mobile application bridges the gap between you and them, keeping things straight; your audience will download an application you built and created, and your content will soon reach their ears.

Effective distribution depends largely on accessibility-in other words, reaching your audience means ensuring that your podcast can be easily found.Once the audience has downloaded your app – and Mobile app It’s usually easy to find in the App Store and Google Play; just search for your podcast title-they will prepare all episodes of your podcast, and they will receive it once you publish new content or are streaming. To notice. Did not get involved in the content of other podcasts, and did not miss last week’s episodes.

In addition, they can like your episodes and comment on them, and they can chat with you during your live broadcast; your communication is always direct and personal. You are providing your audience with an exclusive experience reserved exclusively for them.

Mobile app It is also a great way to enhance the brand. Having a well-made product, such as an internally created app, looks professional and will impress new audiences (and potential sponsors). Since you can customize it yourself with your own images and metadata, your brand is very clear throughout the interface.

Many of Spreaker’s podcasts have created their own podcasts Mobile app, To provide their viewers with special access to their podcasts. Let’s take a look at some of the special benefits:

The glamorous Italian DJ and radio host Alessio Bertallot attracts 2,800 loyal listeners every day through his works Radio Betalo application. No matter where they are, listeners can press the play button at any time, hoping to hear their favorite songs or make requests through the chat box.

Android IOS

Jason Hawes and JV Johnson went to niche markets through their weekly live broadcasts, Beyond Reality Radio, Discuss supernatural phenomena with guests and calls. In the past year, their app has accumulated more than 3,000 downloads.

Android IOS

Although Fernando Berlin of La Sexta in Spain was first introduced to fans through his work at Cadena Ser, what really caught people’s attention was his leaving the Internet.He brings this newly discovered fan base to his morning news and politics podcast Coffee machine, The audience seems to have fully embraced the mobile application.

Android IOS

key Mobile app It’s customization-the appearance and branding are up to you, just complete the provided template. In addition to the title and description of the app, you can also upload an image of your choice as the default image, app icon, app store icon, splash screen function image, etc., depending on whether you are using an iOS app or an Android app program. The template can be saved as a draft, so you can come back to work on it at any time.

After adding all the required details and completing the draft, hand the application to Spreaker’s team with a single click submit. You have two options:

  • From this point on, Spreaker’s team will take care of the rest. We will build the application and then submit it to the store it needs to enter. Once approved, we will ensure that it is always in sync with any system updates that may appear, you just need to sit down and record the next new episode, or, you know, relax.
  • We will build the application, but instead of submitting it, we will return it to you. Submitted by you (Although you must have a developer account on the App Store or Google Play to perform this operation), and then maintain it when it is available in the store. Although this may not be a viable or attractive solution for everyone, submitting your own application does have its own advantages, such as the ability to charge by download, so this needs to be considered.

Distribution, participation, and branding are critical to the success of your podcast, and a mobile application tailored for your podcast can solve all of these problems. You can provide listeners with hassle-free accessibility and keep you in the closest contact with them.

Create one for your podcast now And enjoy the benefits of hassle-free podcasting!

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