Jago Lee and John Fothergill launch Telltale

Producer Jago Lee and business partner John Fothergill have Announce Launch their new transatlantic production company Teltale, which will focus on premium facts about audio, TV and movies.

Since all shows share the guiding principles of originality, fun, and purpose, Telltale’s release status focuses on key types of “thrilling facts” such as crime, history, and adventure.

Telltale has already collaborated with broadcasters, commissioners and brands on a series of projects, and reached an agreement with Antica Productions, one of North America’s most successful independent television and podcast production companies (revised by Michel Romanov, the madness of two) An exclusive pre-emption agreement was established-as part of the equity investment in the Toronto headquarters studio.

Through Antica Productions, Telltale can enter the Canadian and American markets, where they are jointly developing a slate. The new collaboration with Antica stems from a previous working relationship. Lee has worked with the company to produce multiple podcast series, including the art crime series “Art Bust” for Universal Pictures’ podcasting division UCG Audio (by British art critic Ben Presented by Lewis) Studio Group, focusing on twisted crime stories in the art world.

In recent years, the rapid expansion of Longford’s narrative podcasts and the shift of such series to boxed TV have greatly affected the company’s development strategy. Telltale has adopted an “audio first” approach, partly because Lee participated in many podcasting projects in the UK and the US last year.

This move marked a new chapter in Lee and Fothergill’s career. Lee is an experienced producer and creative director. He has played roles in Tiger Aspect, Antenna Pictures and Nerd TV. He co-founded the company with Charlie Parsons and John Farrar, and obtained a list of how to rob a bank (deputy) , Life’s Too Short and many other works (HBO/BBC), Inside the Gangsters Code (Discovery) and Orangutan Jungle School (Channel 4/ Love Nature), etc., will combine his creative expertise with Fothergill’s business background, These include venture capital investments in multiple new banks launched by Goldman Sachs for more than a decade. The two will build on a well-established pre-launch cooperation agreement and use their strong network of collaborators, including former Red Arrow president and co-CEO James Baker, who is the chairman of the board.

Jago Lee said: “We like to tell complex, individual, and original stories, and we know that these stories are very popular with viewers. Of course, they are also the most challenging series that directly enter the TV market. Telltale will use platform-independent The way to do it-first make the exciting stories we like in audio, and then develop them into the world of television and movies.”

John Fothergill said: “Telltale leverages the power of the growing and exciting audio market, which has become a rich hunting ground for new IP. We position ourselves at the forefront of the market, especially developing a clear audio-to-screen Storytelling path. We are very happy to cooperate with Antica Productions to develop North American films and look forward to sharing these rich stories with the audience soon.”

Stuart Coxe, President of Antica Productions, said: “At Jago and John, we found independent producers with like-minded content, business goals, and storytelling perspectives. Through Antica’s Telltale investment, we look forward to expanding our collective footprint and cooperating with us. Partners provide a wider range of film, TV and audio projects.”

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