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  • KQED in San Francisco has announced their upcoming event PRX Podcast Garage.

  • In the United States, this is Indigenous Peoples Day. The headquarters of Podnews is not in the United States, but we will take this opportunity to recognize and respect the traditional guardians of the land where we live and work: Turrbal and Jagera people in Brisbane, Australia.


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    • this The old root certificate expires Because Let’s Encrypt continues to cause problems on some podcast platforms. NPR, RadioPublic and TuneIn no longer update any RSS feeds from Anchor or Feedpress, and other feeds protected by Let’s Encrypt. NPR, RadioPublic, and TuneIn need to repair their servers to delete the old Let’s Encrypt root certificates: This fix Helped us when we encountered a similar problem last week.

    • this Open the list of podcast hosts, Which contains detailed information about the patterns to be found in RSS feeds and audio URLs, has been significantly updated by John Spurlock to include more hosts. From the data point of view, This is the list of podcast hosts.

    • There are 2,209 Enable value4value podcasts.

    • Fountain application already updated. It supports value splitting at the episode level (so you can share seats with guests) and now supports serialized shows. It does value4value and RSS chapter nodes (and many others).

    • Libsyn Pro seems to have migrated many shows Go to Libsyn RSS feed, According to our podcast host tracker (we list the two separately). Otherwise, Our samples It is recommended that Megaphone gained 27 shows overall, while Libsyn lost 25 overall.

    • Good apple: Now the latest version of Apple Podcasts uses a central RSS grabber instead of calling the RSS feed every time, which saves a lot of bandwidth for the podcast host. compared to: Friday, May 7 (2,947 hits) and Friday, October 8 (Only 216 are from the scraper; another 395 are from the old iPhone).

    • Bad apple: Apple Podcast App 1,100 ratings now On the Apple App Store, the score is only 1.8.

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    • How to create a podcast transcript -Podcastpage also emphasized the benefits of doing so.

    • Why you need to define the concept of podcasting -Rachel Corbett said that the more specific the better.

    • Want to compress your podcast pictures to the 500KB size required by Apple?We sincerely recommend Skus: We use it every day.

    • Boostagrams This week from Gary Arndt (Gary Arndt), sent 1776 users through Fountain and said “This show is my main way to learn about the latest developments in the podcast industry.” Sir Peter used Fountain to send 5,000 seats and said “More drinks, cheers!” And, someone anonymously sent 2112 sats from Breez, stating that “Ozy Media is a very strange company.” You’re right. Last week we produced 22,815 seats, about $12.50 (mainly from streaming, not promotion).This is How to enable your podcast for value4value -If you don’t see the acceleration button in the podcast app, Find a better one.

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    Shehroze Chaudhry admitted in court that his story constitutes a large part of the “New York Times” podcast caliph, Is completely fabricated. He has never even been to SyriaHe was fined $8,000, and-horribly-sentenced to live with his parents in Ontario, Canada for one year.
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    exist Podcast 2.0, Adam Curry and Dave Jones chat with Brian in London and talk about the hive.
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