Loftus Media appoints Kirsten Lass as Deputy Director

Loftus Media, an award-winning independent content production company Announce Kirsten Lass was appointed to the newly created senior position of Deputy Director.

After experiencing a period of significant growth, Loftus Media continued to build and strengthen its audio, photography and digital content portfolio during this period, with Kirsten Lass (former BBC Audio Executive Editor) serving as senior executives along with co-directors Jo Rowntree and Richard Berry. Leadership team.

Kirsten has worked in television at companies such as Tiger Aspect Productions, and has worked in public relations and publicity at Hobsbawm Macaulay Communications and NSPCC.Her extensive audio portfolio includes the production of BBC Radio’s The Reith Lectures and The Bottom Line with Evan Davis, and she oversees BBC Radio 4’s flagship political debate program Any Questions? Soul music and podcast good readings such as Evil genius With Russell Kane.

The production company that topped the charts with Dr. Chris and Xand van Tulleken; the personal passion of BBC Radio 3; Audible’s original The Secrets in Us (Gold Award, 2021 New York Festival Radio Awards) and more audio formats, Loftus Media is One of the earliest independent audio companies in the UK, founded in 1997. Clients include broadcasters; audio platforms; art, cultural and scientific institutions; publishers; charities; think tanks and research foundations.

Director Richard Berry said: “With her deep understanding of audio production, development and talent management in the field of facts, art and drama, her passion for storytelling and strategic consulting experience, Kirsten was appointed The senior position is an exciting time for us. I look forward to welcoming her to the team.”

Director Jo Rowntree added: “I’m very happy to discover that Kirsten actually worked with Nigel Acheson when he founded the company more than 20 years ago, and I’m very happy to welcome her back. The reputation of the content person precedes her. I have always respected her work and her leadership in the industry, and I look forward to working with her.”

Kirsten Lass said: “I look forward to joining Loftus Media and I have long admired their reputation as storytellers, emotional intelligence, and collaborative working methods. In the production and editing of content for BBC Radio (Including 3, 4, 5 Live, World Service and BBC Sounds) After more than 20 years, I am very happy to be able to enter the independent field during a period of explosive audio growth.”

Participate in the company’s overall strategic development with the current directors. The newly established deputy director roles include cultivating teams, cultivating new talents, and providing creative and editorial leadership in a series of exciting new projects. Kirsten will be based in Bristol.

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