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When you click “Publish”, the podcast is not over. Your content needs to reach the ears of the audience, and effective distribution means sharing your content quickly and looking good when you do. However, when your podcast to-do list has been overwhelmed by different tasks—mixing, editing, uploading, describing, tagging—some processes risk being shelved.

This is why we have been so concerned about the new CMS, providing you with a dashboard full of high-quality tools and features to help you complete every step.Today, we are eager to show you the latest features: able Automatic sharing Send “camera ready” episodes to all your social networks.

This is what we mean:

Distribution is not just about getting views and downloads, it also involves interacting with the audience and building relationships, because in the end you share it You and their podcast.

The best way is to find out where they are and connect to their active social network.

Now, there is no doubt that there are many social networks out there. The idea of ​​just manually sharing your episode links one by one sounds overwhelming. But with CMS, you can quickly cover a large number of areas through a simplified distribution process: Connect to multiple social networks and enable automatic sharing.

On the “Settings” page of the CMS, check under “Connected Accounts”; you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and Tumblr and set it up for each new episode you release speaker Will be automatically shared to your page. Once you click “Publish”, everything will be processed.

The importance of engaging podcast artwork reappears once again, But not without good reason. Getting listeners to listen is as important as attracting them with great visual effects, because it is an attractive title, and no matter where your episodes are shared, you want your brand to appear in people’s minds. So, when everything is automatically shared for you, how do you make sure things look right?

CMS will also deal with this problem. You can always add a dedicated image for each episode you create, but if you forget or choose not to add it, Your cover image will now be automatically used in its placeTherefore, no matter where your audience finds it, your podcast looks the best and is consistent with your brand.

Automatic episode-img

How is it convenient? With CMS, you will find the professional tools and functions you need at every step of the podcasting process. From your voice to your appearance, your audience will always get your complete podcast package.Set up automatic sharing on your podcast right now.

So, what do you think of this update? Like it like we do? let us know!

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