Magellan AI adds download data to its podcast media planning platform

Magellan AI, the standard for podcast media planning and competitive intelligence, Announce A major development of their platform-Magellan AI Verified Downloads. The new feature will provide Magellan AI’s advertisers and agency partners with a central source for accurate program downloads, single episode downloads, and unique listeners. Coupled with the extensive analysis and research already in the platform, Magellan AI is now truly a “one-stop shop” for media planning and competitive intelligence.

“Buying and executing podcast advertising campaigns remains a challenge for brands and agencies, and we have taken another step forward in simplifying this process today. Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI, said: “We This is to allow every brand and organization to get rid of the unmanageable spreadsheets they use to keep the entire industry running. “We look forward to accelerating the quantity and quality of the connections established between buyers and sellers on our platform. “

Thousands of shows have registered and provided data, from independent podcasts to some of the largest podcast publishers. As John Goforth, CRO of Magellan AI, pointed out, this is not just a tool for enterprise-level podcast networks: “Any podcast of any size can participate in Magellan AI verified downloads (for free). This participation will ensure that all our buyer customers are You can search for your show, whether it’s small or large. These customers spend more than $400 on podcast ads every year-so this is a great opportunity to reach them directly.”

Magellan AI Verified Downloads will begin testing in the fourth quarter of 2021 and plans to be widely used in the first quarter of 2022.

Want to add your podcast to the program?access Magellan AI verification download And follow the instructions to integrate the Magellan AI prefix with your hosting service.

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