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Free podcast artwork when buying Intro+Outro — Create a professional podcast brand for your podcasts! You can get free artwork when you order the prelude + the aftermath. The sound and appearance are good. Don’t compromise-work with leading experts in audio branding.

🦃 Podcast Movement The Black Friday sale has begun! — Eat your turkey and make your next Black Friday purchase the best: sign up for EVOLUTIONS now at the lowest possible price… and all Black Friday registrants will get a PM prize package! ⏱ ⏱ ⏱

Sale from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday! — You already know that Hindenburg makes podcast editing easy, but from Black Friday to Cyber ​​Monday, Hindenburg makes it easy for you to edit podcasts in your wallet. 🔥 Only $6 per month for 1 year! 👀 🍽🦃

Hiring audio editor (full-time, contract) — Kast Media is expanding our narrative production team to include an expert to mix and master weekly audio series.

  • Only Pod link Is a new Universal link Serve your podcasts with a customizable look and feel and analysis. this is ours.
  • Podcast Editing Software Company Hindenburg Its product name has been changed to reflect the changes in its customer base. "Hindenburg Journalist PRO" Now just "Hindenburg PRO" As an example. The software can now also be subscribed on a monthly basis and provided at the normal buy-out price. (And, like many other companies today, there is a Black Friday offer).

We took time this morning to enhance our Classified advertising system. You can now exchange ad copy and enjoy a clearer booking process and more detailed receipts.


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  • exist blue lineLimited series WR1 Provided by WynnBet, the legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter interviewed the legendary WR location and the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this location so unique because so many personalities and stories come from outside the hashtag. Guests include Julian Edelman, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Calvin Johnson, etc.
  • An animal guide for curious humans It is a new independent podcast about our relationship with the animal world and how we humans enjoy, respect and improve it. Hosted by Maureen Armstrong, Muskoka from Canada.
  • exist Podland News, James Cridland and Sam Sethi interviewed Lisa Laporte from TWiT, and Franco Solerio from the podcasting app Castamatic: and want to know what the new relationship between Spotify and Netflix is.

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