New feature of Spreaker Studio: Edit on the move

Make your content more exciting!
Whether you want to edit it one last time before publishing, or shorten it before saving it to your phone-the new iOS version
Spreaker Studio allows you to do all of this in a few seconds.

We understand the importance of flexibility and control when creating audio, which is why we keep adding more content Podcast editor The functionality of our app helps to make this possible.

Introducing our latest podcast editing tool.

Errors (and a lot of nonsense) can happen when making podcasts, especially when recording live, and we know how important it is to be able to edit your podcast and make it sound like you want. With this in mind, we are happy to share our latest application features with you: Post-production trimming tool.

The latest iOS version of Spreaker Studio opens up a whole new world of recording and editing, allowing you to record and edit anytime, anywhere-no need to wait until you are close to your computer to synchronize recording, editing and sharing.

How to use Spreaker Studio’s new trim function on iOS devices.

It’s super easy to use. After recording, you can easily trim or shorten the length of the audio clip by clicking “Edit” and accessing the trim mode.
This tool allows you to delete any extra content at the beginning, such as someone speaking before the prompt, or at the end, for example, you start to deviate from the subject!
Just play the recording until you reach the desired start or end point, then click to confirm.

This feature, combined with our unique Record Live option, provides podcasters with more capabilities to create content anytime, anywhere-we hope this opens up a whole new world of podcasting for you.

Get the speaker studio now
Are you ready to give it a try? If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please get the latest version of Spreaker Studio Here.

We want to make creating great podcasts as easy as listening to great podcasts. This is why we continue to work hard to make our mobile and desktop platforms better and become the only complete podcasting solution you need.

In the next few months, we will release more great features, so please keep your eyes open!

At the same time, if you have any other questions about Spreaker Studio for iOS, View our answer For some of our most frequently asked questions, we are happy to email or Twitter.

Happy podcasting! 🗣️📱

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