New Jersey Online Festival seeks submissions for fiction podcasts

New Jersey Network Festival has Unfold Its products include the wonderful world of novel podcasts! All kinds of submissions from all over the world are welcome. Quality is the only criterion: we want to show the best!

This year, the New Jersey Network Festival accepts serialized and plot novel podcasts, including independent fictional stories, anthologies, and pilots, so that everyone has the opportunity to #FeelTheMagic!

You can submit individual episodes, parts of episodes, or customized “highlights” from the entire show. Whatever you want to submit is a fair game. The New Jersey Network Festival requires that all podcasts submitted have an RSS feed to distribute and submit complete programs separately. This RSS feed can be hosted publicly or privately, and the “full show” can be defined as a single episode.

Submission is open!

The longer you wait, the more the submission fee will increase. Submit early to save $!

45 USD-Submit before January 12, 2022-Early Bird Deadline
$55-Submit before March 16, 2022-Regular deadline
$65-Submit before June 12, 2022-Delay and final deadline

New Jersey Web Fest will announce the acceptance status in real time on Facebook and Instagram on or before August 1, 2022. They will publish the list shortly. Event Date: September 22-25, 2022.

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