Ola! Spreaker Studio app now speaks Brazilian Portuguese🇧🇷

As Spreaker users, we think you are already familiar with Studio and the language it uses-but anyway let us provide you with a quick introduction.

Spreaker Studio is a digital podcasting platform that allows users to record, broadcast and manage all aspects of podcasts from a convenient platform. For podcasts of any level, this is an easy way to broadcast at home without a lot of equipment.
The studio can be used for
So far, iOS and Android have been available in English, Spanish, and Italian, but as of today,We are happy to announce the launch Horn Studio Brazilian Portuguese.

Spreaker Studio Brazil Edition

Our vision is to allow anyone and everyone to record audio, and we are always looking to develop our online podcasting community. So far, we have seen incredible support in Brazil (thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app, we hope you enjoy using it in Portuguese!) Therefore, our natural next step is to provide these users with a version of Studio in their native language.

To start using the Spreaker Studio app in Brazilian Portuguese, all you need to do is to make sure that the app is installed, and then when you open the app, make sure that the default language on your device is Brazilian Portuguese-so that the app is Will also appear in that language!

But wait… there is more! ✨

Providing our apps in as many languages ​​as possible is important to us, and as we continue to develop, we will continue to add more languages.
Do you think we are missing any language? Or would you like to see those added?
If so, please let us know-we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.Leave a comment below or send an email to
And, if you have friends who speak Brazilian Portuguese, please share this good news with them!

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