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Evergreen Podcast Announce Its latest version of the network, Only the brave, A comprehensive review of Bruce Springsteen’s music and career. The show was hosted by film producer Hal Schwartz and Backstreet magazine writer Flynn McLean. Hal Schwartz is the president of Bull Market Entertainment. He is a long-time fan of Springsteen and has seen more than 200 shows on three continents, and Flynn McLean has been a writer for Backstreets magazine since 2002 and has seen more than 100 shows. During the day, he was a web developer on a government contract.

“Flynn and I are happy to have Only the brave Join the Evergreen Podcast.It was a labor of love that we started podcasting, and we were very satisfied with the response we received,” said Harschwarz

“Thank you very much for all our loyal and enthusiastic listeners. We are very grateful for all the feedback we have received from them. We look forward to developing the podcast with the support of Evergreen. Most importantly, we want to express our infinite gratitude to this artist, His incredible work is the theme of our show, and he inspires us every day. Thank you, Bruce.”

“It’s great to add a podcast for music lovers Only the brave Join our ever-growing Evergreen music category,” noted Gerardo Orlando, vice president of web development.” Springsteen has one of the largest and most loyal fan bases in the music industry, and Hal and Flynn have produced a wonderful podcast that every “boss” fan has Can enjoy. We believe that None But the Brave will become an important anchor for a dynamic music channel on Evergreen Podcasts. “

Backstreet Magazine’s two-part season two finale came to Evergreen. The first part was released on July 6, 2021. For more than 40 years, Backstreet Magazine has been the main source of Bruce Springsteen news. During this period, four people directed the magazine and were responsible for its content; these four people are still actively participating in’s ongoing efforts. The two-part season finale of None But the Brave was their first public speech. Flynn and Hal are happy to have extensive discussions about the magazine in these episodes with Charles R. Cross, Eric Flannigan, Jonathan Ponte, and Chris Phillips, with Bruce Working with his management, their love of music, the show they all hope they can go back to the past in time, and more.

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