Oprah went to the club, the platform said 40,000 people watched

Happy Tuesday, peek. We are so close to Thanksgiving, I can taste the cornbread casserole. Yes, that is my food, and yes, I am from the Midwest. No more questions, please! Our situation today is relatively relaxed, which seems to be because many companies are relaxing for the rest of the year. However, social audio companies are continuing to make deals and release news. Start-up companies have no rest. Although I have a lot to say about Spotify’s acquisition of the audiobook company on Thursday, I hope to save it until later this week. (If you work in the literary world and have some thoughts on the audiobook market, please feel free to contact us!) Otherwise, let’s get started.

New York Times Say that COVID misinformation is rampant in the audio

New York Times Already chipped in How podcasters and radio hosts respond to the pandemic-they spread misinformation, listened to their own advice, and died because of it. dark. This article named and humiliated the Who’s Who of broadcast and podcast companies, including iHeart Media, Spotify, and Apple, which allowed some of these programs to distribute their programs on their respective platforms. (It’s shocking that although Cumulus is a place for star podcasters and radio hosts, it doesn’t appear in the work Protesting Company vaccine authorization. ) This article focuses specifically on where these podcasts are distributed, not who produced or profited from them.

To give you an idea of ​​the work we have done in this story, a pastor and podcaster quoted a famous quote who said that vaccines are “eggs that hatch into synthetic parasites and grow in your body.” (The newspaper reported that his show can be watched through the iHeart app.) Someone watched too much alien Didn’t realize it was fictitious, I guess. The same person also apparently stated that behind the efforts to impeach former President Donald Trump was a “Jewish coup.”

I think I’ve read a lot of the same story, but what I’m watching and want to know is era‘The article mentioned that the review policies of technology companies may be stricter than many audio-specific companies.It links iHeart Content policy, and also Spotify with Apple, But one that did not appear-I would like to know if it exists-is a cumulus cloud. iHeart also refused to disclose era Does it have any policy regarding COVID misinformation. I care about this partly because I think that as more listening time flows to technology platforms including Facebook, a world where podcasts cannot be published on large technology platforms may emerge. Podcast companies must distribute their programs in the following ways other methods. (Also, manage these podcasts Will be difficult, if not impossible, I was here for a long time in February, it may be a more pressing issue. ) I feel the dramatic event that is about to happen, and I am ready.

Now, let us enter the world of technology.

Spotify keeps trying to make Greenroom a reality

Spotify Announced yesterday It has a series of new live social audio programs released with news that people no longer need to log in to listen, which is great. They can operate through a browser or mobile phone, which means that the promotion of the program will be much easier. The smaller the friction, the better. One of the shows is about becoming a fan of Taylor Swift and delving into her music, and the other is from Spotify original podcast host Lauren Simmons, where she will answer Gen Z questions. ID card! Spotify Have done The promise to make its audio content and products completely relevant to fans seems to fulfill this promise very concretely. However, is it good enough to compete with Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces?

which one…

The club hosts Oprah, reportedly only 40,000 listened

Maya Watson, the head of global marketing at Clubhouse, launched the app on Sunday night. Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King also joined her Peer. The team discussed with other club members Winfrey’s interview with Adele and how it came together. This is a major gain for any platform; an exclusive Winfrey chat immediately after the premiere of the highly anticipated two-hour interview? I mean.

One of the program recordings It means that there are only 22.7K people watching in total, including those who may only visit briefly before leaving. However, a spokesperson for Clubhouse stated that a “trouble” prevented the entire room and all audience members from appearing in a recording. The second recording, in which Oprah was part of about 15 minutes, showed that 18,600 people listened. Spokesperson Gray Mumford said these numbers are the cumulative number of unique listeners, so he said there were 41,500 listeners in total.

However, here’s the thing: 10 million people focus on. We can explain this in several ways. One possibility is that if the app cannot attract a major audience for the TV queen, why bother to try it? Another is the lack of marketing by the Winfrey and Clubhouse teams. If CBS promotes the special program and clubhouse at the same time after the event, it may be more successful. But, alas, here we are. By the way, this is the first time I have watched the club replay and the experience is very good. You can skip, see who is talking, and basically relive the event as if you were in the app when the event occurred.

Well, do a few more small things, and then we are over.

Snapchat continues to sign music deals for its TikTok copy, Spotlight

I’ve always wanted to check out Snapchat’s TikTok clone Spotlight, and finally got a chance to update it. Now, you may be wondering, why in this audio-centric newsletter? I think these short videos are, yes, visual experience, but highly dependent on audio, especially audio that has the opportunity to spread.So in this case, Snapchat announced yesterday Signed an agreement Cooperate with Sony Music Entertainment to bring its artist’s tracks to the platform. It is now on par with TikTok and has signed agreements with all three major record companies-Sony, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group.

However, the more interesting thing for me is trading Snap Signed earlier this month Bring audio with NBCUniversal office, Bridesmaid, Parks and leisure, with Saturday night live To the application. This feels like the beginning of a big event-dialogue and scripts have a chance to spread, which is more like the context of a podcast. It also comes with the idea that the company can actually trade for access to the audio? Maybe there is something about comedy podcasts here.

The last thing before departure.

Twitch launches incubator program for musicians

The world, they converge. Twitch, which is mainly known for its game live broadcasts, is paying attention to the music field.it’s been Signed with Warner Music Group Brought its musicians to the app to get exclusive channels, but now it’s Start the incubator program For the artist named The Collective.Participants selected will receive practical guidance from the Twitch team, as well as partners (such as Amazon Music and Rolling StoneThe idea seems to be to make Twitch a place where you spend more time, even if you are not playing video games, and the reward for musicians is to reach out to young people and learn from the Twitch team itself. All technology companies want not only your visual attention, but also your ears and Twitch supply Pure audio mode.

Okay, let’s leave here.I’ll be back on Thursday to pay for your subscription, if you are interested in registering, you can do so here. We provide exclusive news, exclusive reports and more analysis. If you care about audio, you should read it and just say’. talk to you later!

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